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January 02, 2024 6 min read

The age old question... What do you actually need for baby? 

The excitement of expecting a new baby and the anticipation of brining them home can quickly turn to bewilderment and overwhelm when you realise just how many baby products there are! It can be hard to know what you actually need, what will work or what will eventually just clutter your house.

As a mum of four, I created this blog to help you minimise your spend (and the clutter!) and provide you with the ultimate guide to essential newborn baby products from our favourite Aussie brands. Let's dive in!


For Baby:

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier provides a hands-free way to carry your baby while keeping them close and secure, allowing you to move around freely and tick off your to-do list. It makes parenting fuss-free and you'll bond well with your baby so close. It's perfect for naps on-the-go or chasing around toddler tornados!

We love Chekoh's soft and stretchy newborn wraps and Artipoppe's soft-structured baby carriers which are perfect from newborn to toddler.


Car Seat

A car seat is crucial for the safety and protection of your baby during car trips and it's essential to have your car seat correctly installed before you head to hospital. By law, all babies children must be secured in a properly fastened child restraint. For babies under six months, you will need to purchase a rear-facing car sear with an inbuilt harness.  

Baby Bunting have a wide range of Baby Caspules and Car Seats. Have a look into Australian brand, Maxi Cosi!

The Essential Newborn Baby Products from our Favourite Australian Brands

DockATot Baby Nest

More than just a baby nest, DockATot is your sanity saver! For all those moments you just need an extra set of hands, DockATot baby loungers are portable and give your baby a calming and familiar environment no matter where the day takes you. With 4700+ 5-star reviews, DockATot is the world's most loved and multi-functional baby nest. Trust the brand loved by celebs, health professionals and parents worldwide and experience the daily difference a DockATot makes to newborn life!

"Investing in a special cocoon purely for baby chill-time might sound wildy extravagant - but trust us, when you're juggling a newborn at home and desperate to shower/pee/make some tea, you will be very grateful for this ingenious product."⁠ - Cosmopolitan 


A pram is practical solution for parents, offering a safe space for baby to sleep, easy navigation and storage space for essentials! 

We love Milly + Coup's Milo2 Stroller as it's perfect from birth with an optional bassinet attachment and a large storage basket.

Newborn Baby Essentials

For Feeding:

Nursing + Support Pillow

A nursing pillow reduces muscle strain to make feeding more comfortable for mums, dads and caregivers when breast and bottle feeding.

Our 'La Maman Wedge' Nursing Pillow with it's unique tapered wedge shape provides ergonmoic support and enables multiple feeding positions. 


Drink Bottle

Breastfeeding is thirsty work so a drink bottle nearby is a must!

We love Made to Milk's 1L drinkbottle with luxe gold 'You Got This, Mama!" detailing. Their lactation cookies, brownies and drinks are so also delish and helpful for mamas wanting to keep their milk supply up.

Newborn Baby Essential Products

Burp Clothes

Stock up on burp cloths as they'll come in handy when keeping you and your baby free from spit-up and drool when feeding and nursing.

We love Susukoshi's cotton/bamboo burp clothes which come in a beautiful bundle of three.



Bottles are great for feeding babies and providing them with the nutrients they need. They're also perfect for creating bonding moments with other caregivers as well as offering flexibility for parents who may need to be away from their baby.

Sometimes it can take a few different brands of bottles to find the one your baby likes but we reccomended you try the ones from Tommee Tippee's in particular the Newborn Bottle Feeding Pack.

The Essential Newborn Baby Products from our Favourite Australian Brands

Breast Pump

A breast bump is amazing for new breastfeeding mums as it allows them to express and store breast milk, providing flexibility, convenience, and the ability to maintain breastfeeding even when they are away from their baby or facing challenges with breastfeeding directly.

The Haakaa Breast Pump is a simple, manual design for quick and effective pumping. As well as expressing pre-feed, the Haakaa pump allows you to capture ‘spilt milk’ from the opposite breast as well.


Nipple Balm

Nipple balm is great when breastfeeding because sore and cracked nipples aren't anyones best friend. We love Bare Mum's restorative nipple balm.

The Essential Newborn Baby Products from our Favourite Australian Brands

For Sleep:


A cot is a nursery staple for sleep! Ensure that your baby's cot aligns with safe sleeping guidelines to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Sacred Bundle have a stunning range of bespoke timber cots and rattan bassinets.



Swaddles are a must with a newborn as they have many uses and can even help your baby sleep longer and deeper by subduing the startle relfex in babies. To get the most out of your swaddle blanket, read the 10 Ways to Use Your Baby Swaddle Blanket here.

Made from ultra-soft, buttery fabric, our DockATot Swaddle Blankets and Reverisble Sleep Bags are the perfect solution for parents who want to give their little ones the utmost comfort and cosiness.⁠ Love to Dream also have an amazing range of Swaddle Ups.

The Essential Newborn Baby Products from our Favourite Australian Brands

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is essential for parents as it provides them with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their baby's sleepand safety remotely.

Oricom's Secure530 Dect Digital Audio Monitor and their Secure875 5" Digital Baby Monition are both top rated by parents. 


For Bathing + Nappy Changing:

Change Mat

A change mat is essential for babies as it provides a clean and comfortable for nappy changes while protecting other things from messes. For on-the-go nappy changes, we love Bunnie Caddie's Change Mat featuring a water-resistant and sleek finish.

Newborn Baby Must-Have Products

Baby Body Wash

Newborn skin is very delitcate and can easily become irritated, dry and flaky. To keep your baby's skin soft and delicously smooth, a gentle baby body wash is essential. 

We love Gro-To's 'Sud Bud' which is nourishing, cruelty free and made in Australia perfect for your little love bug! 


Nappies + Wipes

Changing your baby's nappy will become a more than once daily occurance and well nappies and wipes are essential in the process! 

Tooshies are an eco-friendly, super soft and absorbent nappy made from organic bamboo which is better for your baby and the planet. What's more to love?!

Nappy Bag

A nappy bag is essential for carrying nappies, wipes, changing essentials, and other baby items on-the-go and all in one place!

Perth brand, Alf the Label design luxury leather baby bags for busy parents. 


For Playtime:

Play Mat

A play mat provides a safe and stimulating environment for babies to explore, develop their motor skills, and engage in sensory play.

My Warren Hill create Quilted Linen Play Mats in a range of beautiful earthy tones. 

The Essential Newborn Baby Products from our Favourite Australian Brands

Play Gym

Our DockATot Baby Nest seamlessly transforms into a play gym with our Toy Bundle Attachment to keep baby happy and entertained for longer! The movement of the dangly toys keeps them entranced while the bold black and white images help them recognise familiar shapes and once baby can reach out and touch them, the textures and crinkly noises of the toys offer even more for them to discover and explore.


Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are essential for babies as they stimulate their senses, promote cognitive development, enhance motor skills, and encourage exploration of their environment. At first, try bold, simple images in black and white to help them identify shapes and patterns as their sight develops.

The Small Folk have the most beautiful range of baby toys including, timber rattles, grasping rings and teethers which will keep your baby happily entertained and your aestethic senses satisfied. 

Baby Sensory Toys

For Clothing:

Firstly, a second for the cuteness that is baby clothes... don't even get us started on tiny socks for little tootsies! But seriously, here's a few baby clothes to have in their wardrobe before they made their arrival earthside.

- Singlets

- Onesie (preferably with zips, so much easier then buttons on a squirming baby ;)

- Top/Bodysuit

- Pants

- Jackets/Cardigan

- Hat/Beanie

- Booties

- Socks

- Bibs


Some baby fashion brands we love are Ziggy Lou, Pure Baby Organic, Susukoshi, Two Darlings and Cinnamon Baby. Be sure to check them out!

Ziggy Lou Baby Clothes

We hope this list of essential newborn baby products from much loved Aussie baby brands helps you on your search for the perfect and much-needed items for your littlest love!  


Love, DockATot x

DockATot Baby Nest

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