Summer is now filling our days with warmth and sunshine! Many families choose this time to have a break and travel to beach side locations. Travelling with baby creates wonderful family memories but does come with challenges.

At DockATot we believe babies are not handbrakes on life so we have put together some helpful tips to help you master your next family holiday. With plenty of incredible stay-cations to choose from (and with this handy list in tow), the hardest part will be choosing where to visit next!


Roll with it 

Just remember when travelling with a baby, you'll just need to roll with the punches. Don’t worry if it becomes too much and staying at your accommodation for the day is the option you choose. Even if you go for a stroll to get some take-away food while your partner looks after baby, this is still a wonderful option.


Find baby-friendly outings

When your baby is older you will be able to return to destinations that you love so they can love and remember it too, but while they are little, consider choosing accessible outings. Like adults, babies have distinct personalities with some that thrive with external stimulation while others prefer quieter environments. You know your baby, so just choose accordingly. 


Baby Wear

Baby carriers can be a lifesaver when travelling! If you want to get off the beaten track and go for a hike, stroll around the town or even just head to the local shops for produce, babywearing takes the hassle out of needing a stroller. Bonus point - baby can nap on the go! Check out Babes in Arms for some wonderful baby carrier and newborn wrap options for you!


Baby Lounger

Take your DockATot to create an on-the-go spot for baby to lounge and play in. Your DockATot will provide the comforts of home and help soothe your baby while giving you hands free moments. Don’t forget to pack your Cabana Kit – made from SPF 50+ fabric with a fly net! It will allow you to relax on the beach or river with the knowledge that baby is safe from the elements and bugs.


Nap on the go

Enjoy strolling around museums, art galleries and parks as your little one enjoys their afternoon nap with a handy compact stroller perfect for travelling. There are many brands (like BabyBee above) who have a collection of compact travel strollers that you can take carry on or that will easily slot into your boot with all of your other travel essentials. You get to see some of the sights of the places you visit and your little one will be well rested – now that’s a win-win!


Bring plenty of nappy wipes

Bring them along or buy them at your destination, either way nappy wipes are great for cleaning surfaces and sticky fingers and are essential for on-the-go nappy changes! If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, take a look at Ecoriginals and their range of biodegradable wipes.


Request an empty seat next to you on the plane

Depending on the age of your baby, you will be able to have them on your lap for the duration of the flight at no extra cost but if you are wanting a more comfortable flight without them in your arms or on your lap, then a spare seat will be a godsend.


Sleeping Wear

Don’t forget their sleeping bags or swaddlers. For on the go naps or overnight sleeping, having a zipped sleeping bag or swaddler will ensure ease around transitioning into and out of sleep especially when out and about.


Feed during take-off and landing.

If you can book a flight that coincides with feeding and nap time, then this is the one to go for! Feeding during take-off and landing will help with the air pressure changes and there’s the added bonus of getting nap time in before you land.


Rain noise and other sounds on your phone

If your baby prefers to fall asleep to the noise of rain or white noise, then look at finding sounds on your phone to play as they fall asleep.


Travelling with a baby is a wonderful way to explore the local gems in our wonderful backyard, and hopefully these little tips will help when you decide to jet-off. Don’t forget to enjoy your getaway regardless of what happens, lessons can always be learnt for next time!

As Confuscius says, ‘wherever you go, go with all your heart.




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