We Love Giving

At DockATot we love giving back!


Each month we choose a different family-focused organisation to support by donating $5 from every DockATot sold that month.


So by simply purchasing a DockATot, you create momentum in a circle of generosity that supports families around Australia and New Zealand. 


Since April 2019, we have donated many thousands on behalf of the DockATot community to positively impact families’ lives.


The following community organisations have benefited from your DockATot Love to date...


April 2019 – Life’s Little Treasures

Life’s Little Treasures is a foundation dedicated to providing, support, friend, information and assistance to families of babies born prematurely.


May 2019 – Fertility Support Australia

Fertility Support Australia are a nonprofit association for men and women who are experiencing or who have experienced challenges from fertility. 


June 2019 – Still Aware

Still Aware are committed to raising awareness of the very real statistics of stillbirth in Australia working to end preventable stillbirth. They educate clinicians, mothers and families about stillbirth prevention and promote open communication.


July 2019 – COPE

Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health problems in the pre and postnatal periods.


August 2019 – Heart Kids

HeartKids is the compass to help navigate the lifetime journey of the 64,000 Australian children, teens and adults affected by congenital heart disease.  Their aim is to help them and their families to lead the most fulfilling life possible and to reach their personal goals.


September 2019 – Operation Christmas Child

We packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They give giftboxes to children in developing countries who may not ever receive Christmas presents.


October 2019 - PANDA

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia (PANDA) supports women, men and families across Australia affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy and in the first year of parenthood. PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline for individuals and their families to recover from perinatal anxiety and depression, a serious illness that affects up to one in five expecting or new mums and one in ten expecting or new dads.


November 2019 - Lucia's Angels

Lucia Crinis passed away from a very rare genetic condition this year after only 99 precious days on earth. In honour of Lucia, her family are supporting the Cardiology Ward at the Royal Children's Hospital. May Lucia fly like an angel she is. Sending lots of love.


December 2019 - Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships uses hospital ships staffed by amazing volunteers to deliver free, world-class health care services, capacity building and sustainable development aid to those without access in the developing world.


January 2020 - Salvation Army Disaster Appeal

Our country is burning. Salvation Army's Disaster Appeal supports families affected by the bushfires.


February 2020 - Adara Development

Adara Development is focused on improving heath and education for women, children and communities living in poverty.


March 2020 - Fistula Foundation

Fistula Foundation focuses exclusively on delivering fistula repair surgery. With each surgery they provide, they can help change one woman’s world forever. Fistula Foundation know the ripple effect of her restored health—on both her family and community—is profound.


April 2020 - Plan International

Plan International is a charity for girls' equality. They work alongside children, young people, supporters and partners to tackle root causes of the injustices facing girls and the most marginalised children.


May 2020 - The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Their vision is a world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.


June 2020 - Raise 

Raise is a youth mentoring movement creating thriving communities across Australia. Their mission is to impact youth through early intervention mentoring programs in schools and communities to ensure people feel heard, valued and supported.


July 2020 - Kari

Kari is committed to building strength in Aboriginal families, communities and services.


August 2020 - National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is Australia’s leading national body funding world-class, game-changing breast cancer research. Their mission for zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.


September 2020 - The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to positively engage with the children in their lives – for the benefit of kids.


October 2020 - Bears of Hope

15th of October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Bears of Hope provide support for families who experience the loss of their baby.⁠


November 2020 - PANDA Australia

PANDA supports the mental health of expecting and new parents through their experts and accessible information and resources.⁠


December 2020 - Foodbank Australia

Foodbank is the largest hunger relief charity in Australia, linking surplus food and groceries to people in need.


January 2021 - Starlight Australia

Starlight Australia work in partnership with health professionals to bring the fun, joy and laughter that helps sick kids be kids.


February 2021 - The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation are changing the future of children’s health. Their vision is that the RCH, founded in philanthropy, supported now and in the future will have the capacity to transform health care for children and young people.


March 2021 - Red Nose

Red Nose helps save little lives through research and education, and supports families affected by the death of a baby or child.


April 2021 - The Nappy Collective

The Nappy Collective provides nappies for children experiencing disadvantage across Australia by mobilising communities, raising funds and encouraging social change.


May 2021 - The Babes Project Australia

The Babes Project Australia helps families thrive by creating safe spaces and innovative avenues for vulnerable women to access vital perinatal support.


June 2021 - Bears of Hope

This month we are proud to announce that we will be supporting Bears of Hope. Bears of Hope provide support for families who experience the loss of their baby.


July 2021 - Children's Ground

This month we are proud to announce that we will be supporting Children's Ground. Children's Ground work with indigenous communities to help create a new future for First Nations children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.


August 2021 - Pink Elephant

Inspired to make a lasting positive difference, Pink Elephants helps those experiencing early pregnancy loss feel cared for, protected and understood. When challenges seem insurmountable, we offer strength, validation and sanctuary.


September 2021 - The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to positively engage with the children in their lives – for the benefit of kids.