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September 29, 2022 3 min read

Em is a Registered Midwife of almost 10 years, mum to baby girl, Thelma and the host of podcast, Welcome to the Womb.

Adjusting to life with a new baby can be really tricky (I’m convinced that’s why they’re so cute to look at!). After being a midwife for almost 10 years, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way that will make life a little easier for you in those first few weeks.


  1. Know What Behaviour to Expect from Your Baby

Knowing what to expect before your little one arrives can help normalise what’s going on when you’re deep in the throes of newborn life! On day one, your baby will likely be really relaxed and sleepy, which is why it’s often a shock the next day and especially the next night when they wake up and want to be held and fed all the time. Keep reminding yourself that this is normal and will continue for a while.


  1. Throw Away the Clock!

Babies aren’t born with any kind of internal clock. If anything, their body clock is in reverse! Lots of waking and feeding at night is the norm. In the first 6 weeks at least, try not to focus on timing of feeds or sleep. This will regulate eventually, but not yet!

5 Tips for Enjoying Newborn Life with Midwife Em

  1. Accept Help

 It sounds simple, but if people offer help – say yes. Say yes to meals, to someone helping tidy up your house, to washing up for you, to watching your toddler for half the day. Say yes! In the same breath though, say no when you need to. No to visitors, to people holding your baby if you’re not comfortable, or to anything that’s not helpful.


  1. Prepare Meals

 Whether prepared by you or those around you (or by ordering a meal service!), having meals frozen and ready to go is something you will thank yourself for. Cooking is the last thing any new parent feels like doing!

DockATot Nursing Pillow

  1. Lots of Cuddles

 If I could scream this from the rooftop, I would! You are absolutely not going to spoil your new baby with too many cuddles. It’s biologically normal for them to want to be on you and with you all the time. This might mean wearing your baby or cuddling them off to sleep. You aren’t going to get them into a bad habit this early on, so enjoy it!


Be sure to listen to Midwife Em’s Welcome to the Womb podcast episode “10 TIPS: Surviving Week One With A Newborn (Midwife Tells All!)” for more helpful advice!

5 Tips for Enjoying Newborn Life with Midwife Em

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See how Midwife Em and Baby Thelma spent their day with DockATot here!

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