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September 29, 2022 7 min read

Many parents call the award-winning DockATot baby lounger their sanity saver and liken it to having an extra set of hands.⁠ 

From lounging to tummy time to family beach days, there are endless ways and places to use your DockATot

Here are 25 ways parents love to use their DockATot

(Please note baby loungers are not intended as a sleep device for your baby. All baby loungers are to be used in supervised contexts while your baby is awake. If your baby falls asleep while in any baby lounger, please move them to an approved safe sleep environment.)


1. Lounging

Our multi-functional baby nest was created to be the perfect place for your baby to relax no matter where the day takes you. Easily portable, the DockATot can be used wherever you are to keep your baby close and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy hands-free moments.


2. Soothing and Settling

DockATot recreates a womblike space to soothe and settle your baby. The snug nature of our lounger hugs your baby and helps them feel like they are in your arms. It's a safe and reassuring spot whenever your baby is unsettled.


3. Travelling

Lightweight and portable, the DockATot is the perfect baby lounger to take on family adventures. It offers your baby soothing familiarity wherever you roam. Protect your DockATot while on the go with our weather-resistant Travel Bags and make travelling with baby a breeze.

See how @lifewith_thefranks enjoys family adventures with her DockATot here.

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4. Exercise

Slotting in exercise times can be tricky when juggling the unpredictable needs of a baby. Don't wait for baby's nap time, simply set up your DockATot next to your exercise mat and enjoy a baby-friendly workout. Your baby will be soothed by the padded nest giving you the freedom to enjoy some solo workout time. 

Extra Tip - Always consult your health professional before engaging in post-partum exercise to ensure your body has healed well and fully after birth. 


5. Tear-Free Tummy Time

Parents love the Deluxe+ DockATot for supervised tummy time. The soft yet firm padding of the rounded bumper has been especially designed to comfortably support babies during tummy time. ⁠By placing baby’s arms and upper body over the bumper, they’ll love the extra elevation which prevents their heads from bumping on the floor when their upper body muscles fatigue. 

Read our guide to tummy time with DockATot here.


6. Working From Home

Keep up to date with work and life admin from the comfort of your home while your baby lounges next to you in their DockATot. Your baby will feel safe and settled by your closeness, giving you time and space to balance your parenting-world. DockATot lets you enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere with your baby in tow. 

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7. Beach Days

Soak up the sunshine with a family day at the beach. Our Cabana Kit is the perfect addition for spending time outdoors with baby - featuring SPF 50+ UV fabric, a retractable mozzie net and waterproof base - your baby will lounge happily while you all enjoy the beautiful sea breeze.⁠


8. Easy Showering

Simple daily tasks like showering sometimes feel impossible when your baby is upset and needing a cuddle. Let DockATot settle your baby in the bathroom when you place your lounger on the floor next to you. Your baby will be happy being close by and you'll be able to keep an eye on them while you enjoy some simple daily pleasures!

Extra Tip - Our waterproof Base Protectors are a great addition to your DockATot when using it in wet areas. 


9. Playtime

Playtime is vital for your baby's physical and mental development. Convert your DockATot into an instant play gym with our attachable Toy Arches. Your baby will love reaching for and playing with the dangly, crinkly toys which will improve muscle tone, encourage fine motor skills and promote sensory development.

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10. Cleaning the House

When you are knee-deep in everything baby, a clean house can sometimes feel as good as a holiday. Use the DockATot as a safe place for baby to lounge while cleaning the house or folding the washing. Lightweight and portable, you can move the DockATot from room to room as you go. 

Safety Tip - Never carry your baby in the DockATot.


11. While Getting Ready

Bring the DockATot around the house while you get ready for the day and give your baby a familiar, snug spot to lounge. It will give you an extra set of hands while you do your hair, get dressed or enjoy a coffee kickstart.


12. Fuss Free Cooking

When you need your hands free to meal prep, the DockATot comes to the rescue to keep your little one happy and cozy. Consider adding the Toy Arch to your DockATot to keep your baby engaged for longer. 

Extra Tip - Place your baby on the floor nearby but with enough safety distance in case utensils fall off the bench.

13. Bonding Time

Loving touch eases the transition from womb to world and creates strong bonds between you and your baby. Keep your baby close in the DockATot and develop life-lasting bonds wherever you go. 


14. Sponge Baths

Bathing your newborn is not only a time to clean your baby but a beautiful bonding moment to share together. If you or your baby are tired, a simple sponge bath can be a great alternative to using a tub. The DockATot will keep your baby soothed and settled while you give your baby a gentle sponge bath. Our DockATot Base Protectors will come in handy if you need to protect your dock in a wet area. 

Extra Tip - Read our guide to giving your baby a sponge bath in their Dock here.


15. Juggling Toddlers and Babies

When juggling the often-competing requirements of your baby and your toddler, the DockATot will feel like your Fairy Godmother! Here are a few tricky scenarios every parent of two or more young children can relate to. When bathing your toddler, simply place your younger baby in the DockATot beside you on the bathroom floor to give you hands-free moments to keep your toddler safe while bathing. When feeding your newborn, set up your toddler in the Grand Dock with some toys to help keep their focus and extend their quiet time. Being able to attend to each child individually, without competition from their sibling, will help calm and ground you as a parent. 

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16. Nappy Changes

Babies can become so wriggly and unsettled during nappy changes. The comforting padded edges of the DockATot will minimise your baby's movement and allow you the opportunity to make a swift and calm nappy change. 


17. Baby Massages

Baby massage has many benefits - helps relaxation, encourages longer and deeper sleep, improves blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, helps develop body coordination and is excellent for digestive issues (particularly gas and constipation). End a busy day peacefully by offering your baby a massage in their DockATot in a low-light, warm environment. The bumpers provide a snug and secure spot for your baby to drift off into deep relaxation. 


18. Story Time

Daily story time can become a beautiful family ritual, bringing delight to each day. Storytelling promotes brain development, develops language and strengthens relationships. Cozy up in the DockATot while you read your precious baby a story to ignite their imagination. Babies and toddlers alike will love hearing your familiar and comforting voice.

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19. Picnics in the Park

The DockATot makes family picnics a breeze! The older kids can play, baby can lounge close by and most importantly, parents can enjoy hands-free moments to attend their cheese platter. To prevent grass or dirt stains by using the Base Protector to protect your DockATot.


20. Family Mealtimes

Coming together around the dining table as a family creates more than a place to enjoy meals. It provides families an important daily anchor point to check in and connect in our ever-switched-on worlds. Building this family foundation can start before your baby can even sit up in a high chair. Include your baby in this important family time by placing the DockATot beside the table and surrounding them with the love and chatter of mealtimes. 


21. Big Kid Bed Transition

When your toddler is ready to move into a bigger bed, the Grand DockATot eases this transition. With its built-in bumpers, our Stage 2 lounger creates a snug sense of security and helps prevent your toddler from rolling out of their newly enlarged sleeping environment.

DockATot Grand Baby Bed

22. Introducing Siblings

Considering the details of your children’s first meeting can be valuable, since big emotions are likely on the day. The DockATot can provide a safe ‘borderline’ for toddlers to easily understand, keeping your newborn safe and loved from a short distance. After they meet for the first time, your toddler may benefit from one-on-one time with one or both parents to reassure them of your love.


23. Movie Nights

Life with a baby can feel a lot less social than pre-baby days but with some planning you can still enjoy quality couple time together...even with baby in tow. Enjoying a date night at home with take-away food and a movie is a fuss-free way to spend time together. A young baby's sleep rhythms can take time to develop, so if your baby is awake during your date night, all is not lost. Simply pop your little one in the DockATot and they will likely settle beside you. 


24. Camping

With little distraction from daily life and errand lists, camping with babies and children is a good way to connect as a family in nature. It allows you all to just be. Your DockATot baby lounger is the perfect camping accessory, offering your baby a safe place to snuggle while you set up tents, cook up snags or enjoy the sunset. Consider also taking along our Cabana Kit with UV 50+ SPF fabric and retractable mozzie net to keep your baby protected from sun and bugs on your family adventure. 

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25. Self Care

While it may be a juggle to get to the hairdresser or beautician with a baby, free up your hands for some at-home-pampering with your baby in the DockATot. Or if the sun is shining, grab a book and enjoy reading or relaxing in a hammock while your baby happily lounges beside you (face mask optional!)


From Parents Who Love The DockATot

  • "Our baby lounger has been a life saver for when you just need to rest those arms but still give baby the sense of being held." - Karmela M
  • "Seriously the only way I've managed to get work done at home since Sienna was born is because of the DockATot. She lounges happily while I can focus on work knowing that she is safe and comfortable right next to me. It's been our life saviour!" - Lina S
  • “My daughter loves her DockATot! I love how it is the perfect size to take when travelling or even going over to a friends. I would recommend buying it, no seconds thoughts. It’s probably the best thing I bought from my daughter so far.” - Crystal J.⁠

Read more reviews here


Join thousands of DockATot loving parents worldwide and say hello to your extra set of hands. Shop DockATot now!

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As Loved By Over 1+ Million Parents...

More than just a lounger, DockATot is a must-have baby essential, soothing and settling babies, offering parents hands-free moments and the freedom to juggle parent life calmly. 

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