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April 08, 2023 4 min read

We are confident that knowing 10 ways to use a muslin wrap will help you in your parenthood journey as it is a much-loved baby essential. Additionally, you'll save money buying fewer baby products and potentially even help you and your baby get longer, deeper sleep.

10 Ways to Use a Baby Swaddle Blanket

1 – Swaddle Baby After Birth + Beyond

While swaddling a newborn may take practice, it can be very beneficial for both baby and parent. Swaddling helps to calm and soothe babies while snuggling them and miming the feeling of being held in the womb. It is a baby essential and amazing aid in getting to sleep longer as it prevents the natural startle reflex.

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2 – Nursing Cover

Given you'll have a swaddle in your baby bag anyway, why not use it as a breastfeeding cover too? They are the perfect size and made from breathable fabrics, these soft baby blankets make a light and airy nursing cover.

To make and quick and easy nursing cover, simply, tie the two corners of your swaddle together with a double knot, using as little material as possible. The loop you've now created can be worn over your head as a lightweight and breathable nursing cover made from a baby blanket. Alternatively, you can just drape a swaddle over your shoulder and down over your baby. It can also be good to use with babies who are distracted easily during feeding, especially in stimulating surroundings.

baby swaddle3 – Pram Blanket Cover

One of the most common uses for a muslin swaddle blanket is as an extra sunshade on a pram while outside or out for walks. It also creates a distraction-free environment for your baby to comfortably nap, please keep in mind that baby needs plenty of airflow for safety.


4 – Tummy Time Blanket

We all know how hard it can be to remove stains from carpets. For tummy time, it is best to place babies on a soft ground surface like a carpeted floor or in a DockATotSimply, place a swaddle on the floor before laying baby down to prevent stains. It's also perfect for absorbing teething drool!

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10 Ways to Use a Baby Swaddle Blanket

5 – Impromptu Nappy Change Pad + Change Mat Cover

If there isn’t a change table available or you’re out and about, improvise with your swaddle and make a makeshift change mat. Simply, place the blanket on a soft and safe surface such as the grass, carpeted floor, boot of your car, really wherever you can to change your baby’s nappy! This way it keeps both bub and the surface clean. Don’t worry about your swaddle, it will come up perfectly in the wash, just throw it in your next load of laundry. They also make excellent covers for cold and hard change tables, whether at home or on the go.

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6 – Burp Cloth

When you're burping baby, throw the swaddle over your shoulder for added protection and save your clothes from getting baby spit up on them. You can also use the blanket to wipe baby's mouth or for any other extra mess that needs to be cleaned up when baby inevitably spews everywhere. Swaddle blankets are also easy to wash and dry quickly - an added bonus! 

10 Ways to Use a Baby Muslin Swaddle7 – A Clean Play Area

Have you ever been out with your baby and wanted to lay them down but were afraid the floor would be too dirty? Using a muslin wrap is an amazing solution to this common baby problem. As babies get older, swaddle blankets make for the perfect play blanket where they can comfortably lay on the floor and roll around. They are also great to place beneath a table or highchair to catch any food or toys dropped from above. 


8 – Warmth 

It’s always convenient to have a light yet soft and cosy blanket on hand for warmth as you never know when it may chill down and baby may require an added layer. A plus is that it won’t take up too much room in your baby bag!

10 Ways to Use a Baby Muslin Swaddle

9 – Sunshade in Car

Simply draping one side of a swaddle over an open car window, then closing it to secure the swaddle blanket in place is amazing for filtering out the harsh sun rays coming through car windows. Most babies are happier without the sun in their eyes, to keep them quiet and happy while driving, try this simple and easy parent hack for an instant car shade.


10 – Picnic Blanket + Picnic Table Cover

Swaddle Blankets take up very little space in your baby bag and add little to no extra weight but make for the perfect picnic blanket or picnic table cover. Often the park benches are busy, or maybe there’s none at all or the table is covered with bird droppings, a swaddle will come in clutch. So, head to the park with some sandwiches for lunch, baby and the kidlets and don’t forget to pack a swaddle in your bag. You can also use it to shade bub in the pram on the way home! 

muslin swaddle

There are many benefits to owning a high-quality swaddle blanket such as DockATot’s Swaddle Sets from our Sleep Essentials range. We hope you find your swaddle helpful in day-to-day baby raising as well as making your parenting life easier and providing good value for money.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned some helpful tips and tricks on how to use your swaddle with your baby!



DockATot xx

Baby Swaddle Blanket

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