“Reminds them of the good old days in the womb."
“It’s worth. Every. Single. Penny."
(4.9) Average
Over 1,500 Verified Reviews
Of all the stuff I had for baby, the thing I’ve used the absolute most is the DockATot.
"It was probably our best sleep purchase to date."
"Nothing worked until we got the DockATot"

Worth Every Cent

"We got our dock at 7 weeks and I feel like a fool for not getting it for day one! She loves it, which means we love it. Worth every cent!"

Shelby K.

Our Favourite Baby Item

"Absolutely love the DockATot  and bring it everywhere we go. Our favorite baby item by far!"

Molly S.

Couldn't Survive Without This!

"4 weeks on and couldn't have survived without this. It's so beautifully made and worth every cent. Will definitely be purchasing the next size up when the time comes."

Marilyn M.

I'd Be Lost Without It

"What do people do without a DockATot?! It's by far my favourite baby essential. I'd be lost without it!"

Sarah S.

Best Baby Lounger

"The best baby lounger on the market! My baby can sleep hours in this."

Karla A.

The Best Baby Item I Have

"This is hands down the best baby item I have! It's used daily, I'd be absolutely lost without it! My baby boy sleeps so so well."

Stacey C.

Our Docks are Oeko-Tex Certified.

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