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July 17, 2023 3 min read

There's a bun in the oven, congratulations! Time is soon approaching for you to announce your exciting news. 

Pregnancy announcements have evolved into creative and heartwarming expressions of joy, reflecting the unique personalities and preferences of expecting parents.
There is no one way to announce your pregnancy and how to capture this exciting, new life stage so here at DockATot we have curated 10 beautiful pregnancy announcement ideas.


1. Baby Balloon Fun

Holding up a balloon with the word "baby" adds a fun and lighthearted element to the pregnancy announcement!

10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

2. Showing off the Ultrasound Photo

Sharing an ultrasound picture shows the first glimpse of the growing baby (so cute!) and conveys the exciting news.

10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

3. Holding up a Onesie

Holding up a tiny onesie with a cute message such as 'baby coming "insert month" or "coming soon" is a sweet way to annouce the news of an impending arrival and captures the anticipation.

10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

4. Sibling in the Making

Involving older siblings in the pregnancy announcement by giving them a shirt or sign that says "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" creates a heartwarming moment. There's nothing more exciting than a growing family and another little love bug to adore!

Pregnancy Announcement Photo InspirationPregnancy Annoucement Ideas

5. The Stick Says it All

Sharing a photo of a positive pregnancy test stick symbolises the start of the journey and reveals the happy news.

Hey Dad! Pregnancy Announcement Photo Inspiration

6. Beautiful Flatlays

Arranging baby items, such as booties, a dummy, a tiny hat or even an ultra sound photo in a visually appealing flatlay photo can be an adorable and creative pregnancy announcement idea!

10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

7. A Tale of Two Mamas

Sharing a photo that celebrates both mums-to-be is a beautiful and inclusive way to announce the pregnancy.

10 Unique and Creative ways to Announce your Pregnancy!

8. Pet Participation

Fur parents love incorporating their pets into the announcement. Dressing up the pet in baby-related accessories makes for a very cute annoucement idea!

10 Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

9. Belly Paint

Painting a design or message on the baby bump and capturing it in a photo can be a unique and artistic way to announce the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Inspiration10 Unique and Creative ways to Announce your Pregnancy!

10. Hey Baby Gear

Wearing baby-related clothing, such as a "Mum" or "Dad" t-shirts, lets others know about the exciting news and makes for a super sweet photo.

Mum and Dad Pregnancy Announcement Photo Inspiration

No matter the style, pregnancy announcements celebrate the anticipation of new life, bringing joy and excitement to all those involved.

We wish you a safe and joyful arrival!

Love, Team DockATot xx


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