In this article I am sharing with you our most loved and used items for a new bub PLUS a list of must haves that you might or might not have thought about that you can check off.



Honestly you cannot go past these zip up onesies. Millie lived in hers for the first few months. The easiest way to keep bub warm but still allows for easy nappy changes. No on has time for those one million buttons on some other baby onesies especially during the night when you need to do those in the dark changes. They are definitely worth the extra few dollars to get the Bonds quality too, Millie always outgrew hers before she wore them out and we actually have a heap that this baby will use.

PS Check them out online first because they often have sales on their website!!




The most daunting part of becoming a mum whether its the first or second time and I’m sure any other time is the worry of how your baby will sleep.

When I was pregnant with Millie I was so anxious about how her sleep would affect me. After talking to my psychologist at the time she recommended I find someone to help with these feelings of anxiety so I researched for a local sleep consultants and I came across Kylie Camps who we all know and love now as “The Sleep Mama” ( @thesleepmama ).

This was way before my days on Instagram and when Kylie did in home sleep consultants for Mums to be. Kylie came to my house to meet with me - a scared, very sick, anxious and overwhelmed Brittany and soon to be mum who felt like she had no idea what she was doing and I can honestly say after she left I felt so much more confident in my ability but also that everything was going to be okay. She put together a list of must-haves for newborn life, ways to settle bub, ways to prepare the nursery best for sleep and an outline of a sleep program once Millie was about 6 weeks old but also gave me some encouraging tips for those early new born days. and actually also put my very busy mind at ease about my c-section recovery which I can never thank her enough for making me feel so much more at ease.

Kylie’s programs have evolved and become a huge success for Mum’s all over the world and are now easily accessible for all Mums online.

For the early days THE SLEEP MAMA has a program called MATERNITY - 5 MONTHS “The perfect Package for the mum to be or new mum” and something you can buy and read before bub even arrives. It covers off on so many things including maternity sleep guidance, newborn guide, infant sleeping environment, sleep troubles, feeding routines, sleeping routines and mum life guidance PLUS so much more.




This is something that I used a lot when I had Millie. It was so great to be able to have a bottle spare for David to do a late night or early morning feed so I could get an extended block of sleep in. I also personally believe its better to get baby on to the bottle early so that they are able to take one in case of emergency. When Millie was 8 weeks old I ended back in hospital with mastitis and gall bladder issues so her being able to take a bottle of my expressed milk gave me peace of mine. It also means that you are able to go out and do things and have Dad do a feed if you need. Obviously this is a personal decision but one we will be doing again.

I’m using the AVENT Ultra comfort double this time. CHECK IT OUT HERE.



We used one of these with Millie and she absolutely LOVED it. It was her little sleep cocoon that we could take anywhere in the house, away on holidays or have in the bed next to me for her day naps or early mornings when David went back to work. It was extremely handy after my c-section to be able to have her in bed or on the lounge next to me while I was recovering. I always felt safe knowing she was in her DockATot.

Tip: They actually fit in one half of a suitcase meaning they are easily packed for travel. This will help bub adjust to sleeping anywhere you go because they will have their familiar bed.




This wasn’t something that I used with Millie but definitely something i saw so many of my friends benefit from having and with two kids to tend to I know it will help me. I have bought the “Ingenuity Simple Comfort Cradling Swing” from my local Baby Bunting. Its not the most expensive or fancy one on the market but it will 100% get the job done and i didn’t want to be spending a huge amount of money on it when she will only use it for about 6-7 months a couple of hours a day. One tip when buying a swing is to make sure that it swings side to side not just front to back as the the front to back movement can be particularly bad for a colicky or reflux baby and can make them more unsettled or upset.




If you have followed me for a while you will know that I have owned and used many prams in the last few years. I have researched and tested so many and a few things I can pass on to look for in your pram are:

  • A large basket underneath. You will seriously use this pram so much and it will be like a trolley when you’re out and about so find one with a big basket that is easily accessible with both the bassinet and seat attachment.

  • Conversion to a double. This is something that is super important to remember if you’re wanting more kids. Not only if it will convert but how well does it actually convert? Can you practically use it as a double or would it not be suitable for a large toddler and baby. How is the configuration as a double? Can toddler see out? etc.

  • Large toddler seat. This one is so much more important than you realise once bub starts growing and is getting taller. This can be particularly when you’re wanting to have a second and need to use it as a double. Some of the most popular and most expensive prams have the smallest/shortest toddler seats.

  • Push/glide. Does this pram easily push? Something I like to test is if I can push with one hand? If you can its a winner as you will more than likely need one hand free at some point.

  • Fold down. Check to make sure the pram fold down small. Can you fold it in one piece etc? Make sure it fits easily into your boot. How heavy is it to put in the boot yourself?

  • Seat recline. Does the seat recline comfortable and enough for your baby/toddler to nap.

  • Shade. Does the hood come down far enough to cover/block baby’s eyes from the sun and offer a nice dark space for nap time.
  • Extendable handle if you or your partner are tall.


I have spoken about these before and it’s because I love them so much. When Millie was a newborn she always wanted her hands to her face and would struggle and somehow mange to free her self from my swaddling. These little sleep suits allow for baby to sleep arms up which is a natural way for them to sleep and also mean that their hips are in the correct sleeping position. Because they simply zip up and down they are so easy to get bub in and out of and also allow for easy nappy changes. I would 100% recommend at least having one of these on hand when bub is born. Perfect thing to ask for from family members or friends as a gift.




Something that is easily forgotten but will be used lots is your sterilizer, especially if you plan on expressing, mix feeding or bottle feeding. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. We just have a basic one that you put a small amount of water in the bottom and place in the microwave.



This is a random tip but go and buy yourself a heap of those old school re-usable nappies/cloth (the big white terry toweling ones) - these will seriously come in handy as a burp cloth, to lay baby on while changing in random places, to wipe up mess and spills all over the place. These cheapo nappies were used probably more than any other item in our house for the first few months. You don’t need to fork out on expensive burp clothes that just get covered in spew - these are perfect.



I know I mentioned the LTD swaddles earlier in this blog but you will also want to stock up traditional swaddles for bub. Not only will you use them as a swaddle for baby sleeping but they come in handy as a pram cover to keep out the sun or when baby is napping but also as a breastfeeding cover for mum.

Check out my favourite brands and why HERE.



When choosing a nappy bag there is so much choice out there, Ive had so many in the last couple of years but I can honestly say nothing beats a big backpack style. Check it has lots of compartments for bottles, nappies, creams, spare clothes and the kitchen sink that you will need to pack before leaving the house with a new born. Also make sure it has a small front OR side pocket for mum or dad to put phone and car keys.



A baby carrier is a must have for those early days so you can have your hands free while baby is nice and close to you. There are so many different styles on the market but here are 3 that we loved fro Millie and will use for baby.

  • BABY BJORN - One Air is the style we love and use CLICK HERE TO SEE

  • ANKALIA - Stylish, quality Australian brand we are lucky enough to be trying this time. CLICK HERE TO SEE.

  • BELUGA BABY - Bamboo wrap style carrier by a stay home mama - ships world wide. CLICK HERE TO SEE



These would be my top 10 things for new born life but I also wanted to share a list of things of essentials that you will need to check off for baby and mama.



Feeding pillow - especially helpful for c-section mamas

  • Breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Boobie Ice packs ( @bodyicewoman
  • Maternity pads (for after birth)
  • Sterilizer - microwave is easiest
  • Formula - if you’re bottle feeding
  • Bottles with the age appropriate teat
  • Maternity singlets
  • Maternity or easy access breastfeeding clothing
  • Maternity bras - if you’re buy pre-baby remember to size up a couple of sizes to accommodate your milk coming in.


  • Bassinet

  • Monitor - we are using the OWLET monitor as well as a cheap one for noise just from Kmart. Read why we are choosing the OWLET HERE.

  • Bedding for bassinet - sheets 1-3

  • Cot

  • Cot sheets 1-3 sets and 1-2 waterproof mattress protectors for nappy leakages

  • Nightlight for night time feeds or dream feeds.

  • Black-out curtains in the nursery

  • White noise ( we use a speaker and Ipad)

  • Comforter (a safe option always)



  • Onesies/body suits

  • Singlets

  • Socks

  • Beanies

  • Cardigans

  • Some cute outfits to wear out and about

  • Hat



  • Baby bath with stand is easiest especially for c-section mamas during their recovery. Also look for one with a ramp that baby can lay on with out slipping under easily.

  • Baby towels.

  • Face cloths

  • Organic/gentle baby wash - i like the two in one ones that can also be used as shampoo. I like the GAIA brand as it’s soft and gentle but still easily available in supermarkets

  • Baby moisturiser or oil.



Helpful tip: set up change stations around the house so that they’re always close by especially if you have a two storey home.

  • Newborn nappies

  • Unfragranced wipes

  • Barrier/nappy cream. The best one I’ve always found to clear up any rash is the Sudo cream. For more general use I like a more natural/organic one like the GAIA brand.

  • Nail clippers/scissors

  • Change mat for change table - my favourite is the half wipe able ones from BUBS FIRST (use code - “brittany10” for discount until end Sep 18 )

  • Cotton buds for cleaning around umbilical cord, around ears or noses.

  • Paracetamol - baby/infant drops just in case you need it.

  • Thermometer

  • Small first aid kit for accidents

  • Mobile for above the change table to help keep baby distracted and happy at change time.

  • Nasal Aspirator (snot sucker)



  • Car seat or capsule - we have chosen to use the BABY JOGGER CITY GO CAPSULE

  • Capsule adapters for pram

  • Car window shade

  • Mirror for car seat so you can see bub from your drivers seat.

  • A small toy that clips on pram hood or near car seat to help keep bub distracted.

I hope this has helped and let me know below or on my Instagram of anything I’ve forgotten that you think is a must have or essential for bub because I know I would have forgotten things!

With Love,

Brittany xx




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