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July 27, 2023 4 min read

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to nourish and bond with your baby. However, it can also be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience, especially for first-time mums. To help new mothers navigate the journey of breastfeeding with greater ease and confidence, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tips that mums wish they knew before they started breastfeeding. 

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

1 - It's a Personal Choice

Every mum's feeding journey is different and unique. Some women choose not to breastfeed for a variety of personal reasons and some struggle to produce breastmilk. 

Regardless of whether you decide to breastfeed, bottle feed or opt for a combination of both, what ultimately matters it that your baby is healthy, nourished and fed and you as a mother are taking care of your mental health.


2 - Seek Support and Education Early

One of the most crucial tips is to seek breastfeeding support and education before your baby arrives. Attending breastfeeding classes as well as talking to other mums about their experience is great for gathering information, learning feeding techniques and feeling more prepared which can assist in a smoother breastfeeding experience. 

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

3 - Learn about Proper Latch and Positioning

Proper latch and positioning are essential for successful breastfeeding and for preventing discomfort. Experiment with different positions and latching techniques until you find what works best for both you and your baby.

 Don’t worry if your baby isn’t latching properly right away, or if a certain hold doesn’t feel comfortable. Experiment with different techniques until you find what works and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a Lactation Consultant when you need it.

While in the hospital, ask to speak to a lactation consultant. They’ll be able to provide one-on-one advice and demonstrate proper latching techniques, various ways to hold your baby when feeding and more!

A Feeding Pillow can help with propping your baby up to a position where latching is easier and more comfortable. Our La Maman Wedge Nursing Pillow is firmer than the average nursing pillow which keeps baby supported to alleviate strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. 

"It has been a lifesaver when it comes to breastfeeding and it’s helped me so much. It’s support is just right and isn’t some huge pillow I have to wrap around my body." - Audrey F.

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

4 - Be Patient

Nobody starts breastfeeding and is immediatly good at it, it is a learnt art! It takes time to learn what works best for you and your baby. For some women it can take up to 5 days for thier milk to fully come in so don't get disheartned if yours doesn't come in right away.

The most important thing to remember is that breastfeeding has a definite learning curve to it, and that you and your baby will adjust at your own pace. Ultimately, breastfeeding is a marathon not a sprint. Take it easy on yourself, don't compare your journey to others or be discouraged by initial challenges. Mama, you got this!


5 - Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Breastfeeding is physically demanding and thirsty work so remember to stay hydrated and consume nourishing foods to maintain your energy levels and support milk production.

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

6 - Create a Supportive Environment

Breastfeeding can be both exhausting and time-consuming so it's important to create a supportive environment and a strong network around you. From understanding and loving conversations, food brought to your door, extra help with chores or just someone being there with you in the early hours of the morning when feeding, it all adds up and it all helps. Remember, it takes a village!


7 - Expect Cluster Feeding

Cluster feeding is where babies feed frequently for short periods of time especially in the beginning as newborns. As they grow, the time between feeds will become longer. Don’t be surprised when they go through a growth spurt and want to feed all day again though! The job of feeding babies can be a round-the-clock experience in the first few months. It is important to recognise and embrace this phase as it is part of the natural breastfeeding process.

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

8 - Let Your Baby Tell Your When They're Hungry or Full

Learning to recognise your baby's hunger and fullness cues is important. Watch for signs of rooting around on the chest of whoever is carring them, hand-sucking or squirming when hungry, and signs of contentment (we all know that 'milk drunk' look!) and turning away or 'falling off' your nipple when full. 


9 - Breastfeeding Essentials are... Essential!

Consider investing in breastfeeding essentials to provide much-needed support and make your experience more comfortable.

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

Here's some products that may help:

- A Nursing Pillow from DockATot for ergonomic support when feeding.

- A Nursing Bra from Juem Woman for everyday comfort and easy access.

- Nipple Balm from Pure Mama to soothe and restore, sore, cracked nipples.

- Reuseable Breastpads from Bare Mum to keep your shirt dry

- A Breastpump and Milk Collector from Haakaa to catch let down

- Hyrdamama from Mini+Me for added hyrdation with electrolytes, folate, vitatmin C + more good stuff

- Lactation Cookies from Made to Milk for a delicous to snack to aid milk supply.

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

10 - Trust Your Instincts

No one knows you and your baby better than you and your baby, so trust your mama instints! Have confidence in your ability to nurture and nourish your little one through this incredible journey of breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is a profound and rewarding experience, but it can come with its challenges. By arming yourself with knowledge, seeking support, and staying patient, you can overcome obstacles and forge a strong bond with your baby. Remember, every feeding journey is different, so embrace the uniqueness of yours and cherish the special moments shared with your little one. 

Good luck with your feeding journey and remember that fed is always best!

Love, DockATot xx

Top 10 Tips Mums Wish They Knew Before They Started Breastfeeding

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