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September 14, 2022 4 min read

We've had the pleasure of working with some of the best baby brands in Australia and wanted to arm you will some beautiful places to get your baby gear. We couldn't name them all, so here is a selection of some of our faves!


1. Sacred Bundle

Luxe essentials for you & your mini. Sacred Bundle creates handmade bohemian Mum and Bub accessories made with love and unique Moroccan textiles.. and aren't they just gorgeous!


2. Purebaby Organic

Purebaby is Australian designed and beautifully organic. Creating the softest GOTS certified organic cotton baby and toddler clothing and accessories. It's a big yes from us!

Baby bassinet

3. Alf the Label

Luxury baby bags and accessories. Effortless style and essential practicality for parenthood and beyond. It's everything the modern Mama and Papa wants!


4. Joolz

The compact and lightweight Joolz Aer is the perfect stroller to take on your family’s adventures. The big question is where will you go next?

Joolz Pram

5. Legoe Heritage

LEGOE. is a premium Australian lifestyle label crafting relaxed yet refined threads for a contemporary Motherhood. Mama, treat yourself to something glamorous!

6. The Beach People

The Beach People is an iconic Australian beach brand that creates luxe essentials for the land and sea. Soak up the glorious beach weather with the perfect little beach essentials for you and your mini, and don't forget your DockATot Deluxe & Cabana Kit Sunshade for the perfect beach baby oasis!

Legoe Heritage Maternity Wear

7. Gro-To Skincare

Gro-To makes gentle bath and body care products for squishy, whiffy little humans. Their products are gentle, effective, and free from all the usual pests! It's a no brainer from us, and aren't they super fun designs to play with in the bath.

8. BAE the Label

Effotless, Modern, Maternity. Premium maternity and nursing wear designed for all stages of motherhood.

Gro-To Baby Skincare

9. Hank 

Hank Knitwear is gender-neutral baby and children’s wear. Hank makes clothing for babies and toddlers that will stand the test of time and will be cherished and passed down for many years to come. Hank is slow fashion. Hank is sustainable fashion. Hank is ethical fashion. Hand knitted using natural and sustainable fibres.

10. Designer Bums

Designer Bums have been nurturing little humans and the environment for over a decade with our reusable cloth nappies and eco-parenting products. Founded in Melbourne, Australia we are the birthplace of beautifully hand-illustrated, reusable modern cloth nappies and environmentally-friendly baby accessories.

Baby knitwear

11. Ecoriginals

Ecoriginals was the first brand to offer parents a genuine biodegradable alternative to traditional disposable nappies and wipes, and remains the number one choice for families. Ecoriginals are not only the Greenest Nappy and Baby Wipes company in the world today, we are in a league of our own for chemical free softness and premium performance.

12. Lovekins

Lovekins improves the health and happiness of women, mother and babies by empowering them with premium Australian products they can trust. We support local communities by using sustainable native ingredients. Our environmentally friendly products will enable future generations to thrive and be healthy.

Lovekins baby skincare

13. By Billie

By Billie is a children and adults clothing label designed in Australia with fun and unique styles for everyone.

14. Fawn & Finch

Each shoe style is designed by myself so we do pride ourselves on being very original and fashion-forward, overall this business is really like a fourth child for us, it is something that we invest a lot of time and love into. 

By Billie

15. Love to Dream

Global award-winning swaddles, sleep bags and sleep suits from newborn to toddler. Safer Sleep Made Simple From 0-4 years!

16. Chekoh

Chekoh has been Australia's favourite since 2014 with the baby carriers every new parent is talking about that are simple, stylish and safe. Wrap, Sling and our NEW Clip carrier all made with natural and breathable bamboo, easily adjustable for any size and safe and supportive for you and your little one.

Love to Dream Swaddles

17. Two Darlings

Two Darlings is an Australian baby and children's clothing label. All of our pieces are lovingly designed by hand from start to finish with your little loves at the forefront of our minds. All of their pieces are made to the highest quality to ensure they are able to withstand all of their adventures! 


18. Ziggy Lou

Ziggy Lou creates and designs unique, bespoke pieces for your little ones using a variety of quality fabrics. They have exceptional quality and attention to detail with pieces as timeless keepsakes to hold onto and cherish for years to come, and to pass down to your future children.   

Newborn baby clothes

19. Pop Ya Tot

Pop Ya Tot have a range of baby products from muslin swaddles to baby knitwear and nursery decor. They're designs are bold, beautiful and full of personality. 


20. Little Leggs

Little Leggs create unique personalised illustrations sized to your baby’s birth measurements. Perfect for the nursery, or the living room, this timeless piece will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.


We hope this list of loved Aussie baby brands helps you on your search for the perfect items for your littlest love!  

Pop Ya Tot Baby Swaddles

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