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I can’t see past you right now, everything is blurry.

All I see is you.


When you feel alone, like the walls are closing in, remember I’m here too. I know your world has changed and the days ahead may feel a little lonely. But they aren’t lonely for me. You’re the best company I could ever ask for.

You are my everything.


When you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, when you stand in my doorway unsure. You don’t know it yet, but you know me better than anyone. I know this is all so new for you, it’s new for me too.

I trust you.


When you think some nights you’ll never sleep again, you will. I will sleep too. But when I wake, it’s scary. I promise I’m not manipulating you. I need your smell and comfort. Do you feel that tug in your heart when we’re apart? I do too.

I miss you.

When you feel as if you’ve achieved nothing, please know, my cup has never been so full.
I know you need to do things for you too, but I’ll grow up soon enough and you’ll be able to.
The days that get away on you will be some of my best memories. I don’t mind what we do as long as we’re together.

I love you.

When you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore, when you look in the mirror and turn away. That face will be the one I look to when I achieve something, the one I search for in a crowd. The reason for my first smile.

You’re perfect to me.

When you feel like it’s all too much, like you can’t do it. You can, you are. I know you love me, but I know you feel the weight of being another humans everything on your shoulders. It won’t always be this heavy, or maybe it will. But for now, can I lay on your chest a little longer?

I need you right now.


When you feel as if you have nothing left to give, when I see your hands outstretched begging from me, as tears fall from your eyes and we’re both crying. I wish I could talk, but I can’t yet.

You are giving me everything by just being here.

I promise I am worth it.


When you feel like you’re not good enough, remember,

I chose you.


I know I’m asking a lot from you right now and that you’re exhausted.

But there’s a reason I can’t see past you.

You are my world mama.

One day my world will be bigger.

But for now,

All I see is you.


Words by Jess Urlichs for DockATot

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