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January 03, 2024 5 min read

The DockATot Baby Lounger is THAT product!

The product you didn't know you needed.

And then wondered how you could live without?!

But why?

3 simple words: It. Calms. Baby!

And everyone knows a calm baby equals a happy parent!

A happy parent can take on the juggle of each new day with a confidence.

A happy parent can roll with the unexpected (but inevitable) changes parenting life brings.

With over 4700+ 5-star reviews, the DockATot is the most loved and the most multi-functional baby lounger worldwide.

It has been loved and trusted since 2006 by over 1+ million parents worldwide, including some the biggest celebrity mums. It’s even been showcased in the front windows of Harrods London!

Everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to health professionals to the mum next door loves the handsfree opportunities the DockATot creates each day.

Cosmopolitan said this of the DockATot baby lounger…

“Trust us, when you’re juggling a newborn at home and desperate to shower/pee/make some tea, you will be very grateful for this ingenious product. The peace of mind this clever piece of kit provides is priceless!”

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at the press coverage and what parents say about the multi award-winning DockATot baby lounger and how it “reminds them of the good ol' days in the womb!”



DockATot media coverage


As Loved By Celebrity and Influencer Mums... 

The A-list DockATot following includes the likes of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Coco Rocha, Scarlett Johansson and Emilie de Ravin. Closer to home, these Aussie star-mums also sing DockATot's praises...


Tammy Hembrow

Fitness mum and founder of Saski, Tammy and baby Posy love their DockATot for lounging around the house, handsfree exercise and playtime! It's so handy to have a safe place for bub while looking after the big kids.

Tammy Hembrow DockATot

Indy Clinton

Tik Tok Creator of the Year and mum to 3 kids - Navy, Bambi and Soul - Indy Clinton said her DockATot is "a must-have for a newborn!" Indy used a DockATot for all 3 kids. 

Indy Clinton Loves DockATot

Sarah's Day

The DockATot was a baby essential for Sarah and Fox in the early days of motherhood whether it was at home on the couch, cooking, editing videos for Youtube or when working out. It allowed her to enjoy extra handsfree moments while Fox was calm and content in his baby nest.

Sarah's Day DockATot

Bindi Irwin

Bindi used the DockATot with her daughter Grace. Bindi’s birth announcement photo showcased Grace relaxing in her Cloud Grey Deluxe+ Dock, looking calm and content. 

Bindi Irwin DockATot

DockATot media coverage


Kayla Itsines

Fitness mama and co-founder of Sweat, Kayla loved the handsfree convience of the DockATot while baby Arna enjoyed playing with the crinkly toys.

Kayla Itsines

Laura Byrne

Laura Byrne, owner of ToniMay and podcast host of Life Uncut, loved and used the DockATot with both Marlie-Mae and Lola. It's perfect for travelling, lounging and a safe spot for bub while wrangling toddler tornados!

"It's the freaking best! Marlie will lounge in [the DockATot] all day. It means I can keep her with me and she loves it!."

Laura Byrne

Steph Claire Smith

Model and co-founder of Keep it Cleaner, Steph loved the DockATot along with the Cabana Kit Sunshade and Toy Arch. See how Steph, husband Josh and baby Harvey use their DockATot as an 'extra set of hands' throughout the day here.

Steph Claire Smith DockATot

DockATot media coverage

Emilee Hembrow

Co-owner of Sskin and mum of 3, Emilee says the DockATot is "One of my favourite baby products! I used one with Aaliyah and Gabriel… it’s probably one of my most used baby items." Living on the Gold Coast, Emilee loved the lightweight portability of the DockATot and the SPF 50+ rated Cabana Kit to enjoy family time at the beach. 

Emilee Hembrow

Ellie Watson

Founder of The Wholesome Store and creator of delicious recipes on Elsa's Wholesome Life, Ellie used the DockATot with both her babies and even named it one of her top 5 baby essentials!

Ellie Bullen DockATot

Ashy Bines

Exercise loving mama, Ashy enjoyed the multi-functional and portable nature of the DockATot with both her babies, Taj and Tala!

"My son Taj lived in his DockATot when he was younger - I mean LIVED!”

Ashy Bines DockATot

DockATot media coverage

Georgia Fowler

International model and first time mum to Dylan, Georgia loved the Strawberry Theif DockATot for lounging around the house and also as the perfect beach oasis for her little one.

Georgina Fowler DockATot

Emily Skye

Fitness Mama and mum to two, Emily is a DockATot lover! She enjoyed handsfree time to exercise post-partum and family time in the sunshine while her son Zac was safe and happy in his baby nest and Cabana Kit Sunshade.

'We used the DockATot with my daughter Mia for the first year of her life! It saved us!! I also bought one for my sister for her baby and she loves it too!
Thank you for making DockATots!!"

Emily Skye Fit

Leah Itsines

BARE Guide creator and mum to Gigi, Leah loved the DockATot as an on-the-go lounger. She also enjoyed how Gigi was entertained for longer as the DockATot Toy Arch Bundle converted the baby lounger into a playgym

Leah Itsines DockATot

Skye Wheatley

Celebrity mum of two, Skye said the "DockATot served them well" with her babies, Forest and Bear.

Skye Wheatley DockATot

Moana Hope

The DockATot came in handy and was much loved by AFL Player and Survivor AU Contestant, Moana and her little ones.

"We absolutely love our [DockATot] So beautiful! And our midwives are obsessed with it."

Moana Hope DockATot

Snezana Wood

The DockATot and Cabana Kit were the perfect family holiday tool-kit for celebrity mum of 4, Snez and her family. It was much loved in the newborn days allowing Snez to enjoy handsfree time by the pool.

Snezana Wood DockATot

Chloe Szep

The Pristine White DockATot was used by Chloe, well known mum influencer and owner of active wear brand Szep. The DockATot offered Chloe the freedom to balance work and family with baby Artis.

Chloe Szep DockATot

Elyse Knowles

Model and mama, Elyse said the DockATot “looks so cosy" and that she "might jump in" herself! For her baby boy Sunny she loved using the Lush and Fern DockATot with the Toy Bundle for playtime.

Elyse Knowles DockATot

Teresa Palmer

Actor and mum to 5, Teresa has been spotted using the DockATot to bring calm to the parenting juggle. It provided a safe and soothing spot for her littlest love to lounge while offering her handsfree moments to tend to the bigger kids.

Teresa Palmer DockATot

Chontel Duncan

Accreddited sports nutritonist, fitness lover and mum to 5 little ones, Chontel loved the aesthetic of the Lush and Fern DockATot and how it provided a safe snuggle space for her baby to lounge while she worked out.

"I love it! It's my lounger for play, cuddles and a chill out spot for baby." 

Chontel Duncan DockATot

Brooke Evers

The La Vie en Rose DockATot Baby Lounger was the perfect snuggle spot for baby Rocky to chill while cool mum and DJ, Brooke enjoyed hands-free moments.

Brooke Evers

Keira Rumble

Mum influencer and founder of Habitual Beauty and Krumbled Foods, Keira and baby Hunter used the DockATot since day dot! Find out why the DockATot is one of her baby must-haves here.

Keira Rumble DockATot


As Loved By Health Professionals...

Health Professionals love DockATot

Many health professionals who are also mums themselves, love the benefits of the DockATot baby lounger.  

Em is a Registered Midwife of almost 10 years, mum to baby girl, Thelma and the host of podcast, Welcome to the Womb. In this video, Em discusses how the DockATot baby lounger helps babies feel at home outside the womb.

Lactation and Sleep consultant and mum of 3, Courtney Garland, also loves the DockATot. She describes the DockATot as a 'lifesaver' and enjoys how it calms her baby and gives her handsfree time to spend with her older kids.

Beth Ryan, midwife, podcaster of Growing, and mum of 2 says the DockATot has been invaluable to help her juggle working-mum life.


As Loved By Over 1+ Million Parents...

Read more parent reviews here and discover 25 Ways the DockATot can help you each day.

More than just a lounger, DockATot is a must-have baby essential, soothing and settling babies, offering parents hands-free moments and the freedom to juggle parent life calmly. 

Shop now and say hello to your extra set of hands!


Multi-Functional Baby Lounger

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