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October 11, 2022 3 min read

When I was pregnant with Liam, I did a lot of reading up on products prior to his birth but it’s hard to know where to find information about everything you need as a new mum. Now being a mum of two little ones, the number of “mum friends” I have has grown exponentially thanks to play dates, preschool and other activities. Not to mention that I’ve had 3.5 years to see what products other mums are using and loving and seeing some new things pop up that weren’t available when Liam was a baby. So this time around, I’m having so much fun using products I’ve been eyeing off for some time. Including our DockATot. I’ve had friends raving about their DockATots for a long time and I’m so excited to add my own thoughts to the list.


So what is it? Designed in Sweden, the DockATot is a multi-functional baby nest for your little one. It’s a great place for your little to do anything from lounging to playing to just hanging out with the rest of your crew. The idea behind the DockATot is that it provides a safe and cosy environment for your baby to do all of those things. Even as your baby grows, snug feel of the DockATot will give them a comforting, calming feeling, reminiscent of the womb.

Snuggle me or dockatot?

The DockATot comes in two different sizes: the Deluxe (which is what we have) and the Grand. The Deluxe+ Dock is for babies 0-8 months old and the Grand Dock is for little ones 9-36 months old. So it’s not one of those products with limited usage time but the DockATot is made to grow with your child for the first few years. Made in Europe, it’s made from high-quality, 100% cotton, and non-toxic materials. AND it’s OEKO-TEX certified, been tested for safety and is compliant with CPSC’s safety standards.

My favourite use for our DockATot is as a lounger. It makes it so much easier for Caleb to hang out with me and Liam while we’re playing around the house. He can watch what we’re doing or even get some tummy time in. I also have the Toy Arch Accessory for my DockATot so Caleb can have a little fun himself. I like that this gives Caleb a safe space to be near the action in out house, but it’s more comfortable than the floor. And it also helps Liam to respect Caleb’s space a little better too.

As with many baby things, I recommend getting a second cover for your DockATot so that you can still use it while the cover is being washed. Speaking of which, the covers are machine washable. Which is awesome because babies make a lot of extra laundry!

baby essentials

Our family likes to travel quite a bit so any baby gear that’s easy to bring with us is a huge bonus! It's great that the DockATot doesn’t take up a lot of space and is lightweight. It also has several handles, making it easy to pack, grab and go. It can also double as a changing pad which is especially convenient when travelling.


If you travel a lot or intend to fly, you can also get a travel bag for the DockATot. Not only does it help keep your DockATot clean but it has a shoulder strap for easy transport too. You can also use the bag for storage when you’re saving it for the next baby!

DockATot Review

We love the DockATot for our little ones!

Love, Kim x


This review was originally published by Wear Love Wanders here.

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