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November 03, 2021 3 min read

Bathing your newborn is not only a time to clean your baby but a beautiful bonding moment to share together. By talking, singing or even playing some calming lullaby music, you can really connect and create such a special bonding moment. 

One great alternative to using a tub is to sponge bath your baby…and this is where your DockATot can come in handy. Your little one might take some time to enjoy bath time, but this phase passes quite quickly. Here is a step by step guide for giving your newborn a sponge bath.


Gather everything you need for the bath before you start;

  • DockATot Deluxe
  • Washcloths or cotton wool
  • Bowl of warm water
  • Two Towels (one for lying on, one for drying baby)
  • Clean nappy
  • Change of clothes
  • Baby lotion if you’d like to do a baby massage


Before you start your sponge bath, make sure you gather everything you need and wash your hands. Place a towel in your DockATot to catch any little drips, and lie your baby down.

  1. Undress them but leave their nappy on for the moment.
  2. Using the warm water, wet your wash cloth and start by wiping babys face, neck and ears in a calm motion. Dry them as you finish with an area.
  3. Move down their body and wash underneath their arms (making sure you get into their arm creases). Dry as you finish.
  4. Wash their legs and feet, again making sure you get into their creases.
  5. Now you can take their nappy off and wash any dried discharge that might have come from their cord stump.
  6. Wash their bottom and genitals, wiping girls from front to back and pat dry.
  7. If you’d like to try baby massage, now is the perfect time to try. The DockATot is a great relaxing place for baby. Here are some tips on baby massage
  8. Now that your baby is clean, put a nappy back on them and get them dressed.



Not only is the DockATot a great place for sponge baths, but it’s a great tool to use when bathing your older kids. Get the bath ready for your toddlers and pop your Base Protector on the DockATot. Place baby in the DockATot next to you then help your toddlers get into the bath. Once they are in and happy, sit on the floor in between the bath and your DockATot and enjoy bath time together. The Base Protector will protect the bottom of the dock from soaking up any splashes and save you from needing to wash it!



If you’d like more tips and tricks on ways you can use your DockATot in and around your house, as well as out and about, just read our piece on 50 Ways to Use Your DockATot.



Simplifying life for new parents, DockATot is your extra set of hands.

The multi-functional DockATot is the perfect place for your baby to lounge, play, rest, cuddle, and enjoy  tummy time. The DockATot is here for you no matter where the day takes you! Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product, parents and babies around the world love DockATot.

From parents who know:

"Life saver! No matter if we are home or out and about, we always take our DockATot with us. So easy for on the go and also easy to clean." - Alexia D.

"Best baby investment ever - worth every dollar! Extremely versatile and handy, it's like having an extra set of hands. My boy Quinton absolutely loves his DockAtot. Time to upgrade to the Grand soon." - Anna D.

"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L.

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