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May 10, 2022 2 min read

It’s not until you become a parent that tummy time means something other than doing an ab workout at the gym. Once you have a baby, it’s important to start placing them on their tummy several times a day to help build essential upper body strength and head control.

Since the safest way for babies to sleep is on their backs, making space in the day for tummy time when your baby is awake is essential for your baby to reach important physiological milestones.

We've put together this crash course in tummy time (and how to use your DockATot to facilitate) so that you can get baby working on their upper body strength today.



Top Reasons Why Babies Need Tummy Time

Safety: Your baby needs tummy time to strengthen the muscles, which can help them move their faces away from something that might smother them. Stronger muscles help your baby to sit, crawl and roll over much easier.

Prevents flat head syndrome: The more time a baby can spend on their tummies, the less likely they will develop plagiocephaly (aka flat head syndrome). A baby’s skull is soft and malleable when they are born, so if they spend too much time on their backs they can develop flat areas.

New vantage point: Allowing your baby to get some tummy time in will also give them a new view on the world. Imagine how dull it can get looking at the same spot on the ceiling all day long!


When to Start Tummy Time

Not sure when to start incorporating tummy time into your baby’s daily routine? Health experts say parents can begin placing baby on their bellies for supervised tummy time as early as right after birth and starting no later than one month old. Even newborns are able to lift their heads and turn it to one side!

Tummy time should happen after baby has been fed and burped. Ideally aim for 3-4 tummy time sessions a day, about 15 minutes each time. For first time tummy timers, expect some cries and noisy protests. This is hard work for a little person! But just like any good exercise routine, the payoff comes with consistency.



Tummy Time: How to Get Started
So many parents love the DockATot Deluxe for tummy time. The extra padding in the DockATot Deluxe’s rounded bumper was especially designed to comfortably support babies during tummy time. By placing baby’s arms and upper body over the bumper, they’ll appreciate the elevation which prevents them from knocking their foreheads on the floor if their muscles tire. Once baby is positioned on their tummies, try these activities to make tummy time more fun:
  • Place a baby-safe play mirror or busy book nearby so they can try and reach for it
  • Stand up and sing songs or talk to baby, the idea is for them to try and lift their head to see you
  • Lay an infant activity mat under the dock.



Always remember, if your baby falls asleep during tummy time, flip them over immediately so they can snooze safely on their back while you supervise or move them to their cot or bassinet.

Wishing you fun tummy time bonding moments!

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