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November 21, 2022 4 min read

We know life as an expectant or new parent is full of choices and decisions. From choosing a nursery theme, to a birth playlist to selecting a pram…the choices can seem endless.

The information set out below is designed to make at least one choice easier for you. Here is the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions - ‘What size DockATot should I buy?’ Whether you are expecting a baby or buying a gift for someone you love, we’re here to help.


Two Stages. Two Sizes.

In a nutshell, there are two sizes of DockATot loungers. Our Stage 1 Deluxe Collection is perfect from birth to 8+ months and is designed to offer a snug reassuring fit for babies.

When older babies outgrow the Deluxe, they graduate to our Stage 2 Grand Collection which offers a larger solution from 9 to 36 months.    

The following intonation outlines the key benefits for each stage of DockATot.        

baby lounger

Stage 1 - Deluxe+ DockATot Baby Lounger (0 to 8+ mths)

From the moment your baby lands earthside, they can be placed in the Deluxe+ dock. The Deluxe has been designed to mimic the comfort and reassurance of the womb - snug, cozy and supportive. This fit gives the soothing feeling of being held and subdues the startle reflex babies often experience.

Babies can often enjoy the Deluxe DockATot beyond 8 months by simply releasing the clasp at the end of the dock to increase baby’s legroom. 


Deluxe DockATot Product Measurements

46cm wide x 74-86cm long

(74cm with clasps closed and 86cm with clasps open)


baby lounger



Stage 2 - DockATot Grand Dock (9 to 36 mths) 

The Grand dock is suitable for older babies and toddlers and is 50% longer and wider than the Deluxe+ dock, it provides an essential place for toddlers to lounge and play. 

Your older baby will enjoy being set up with some books and toys in their Grand Dock (you might even be able to sneak in quiet coffee without a babe in arms!) 

Important Note - If you purchase a Grand DockATot before your baby is 8 months old, your baby will miss out on the soothing effects the Deluxe Dock offers. 


Grand DockATot Product Measurements:

Exterior dimensions: 61cm wide x 120cm long

Interior dimensions: approx. 30 cm wide x 86 cm long (to the bottom end of the Mattress Pad – the tube sides of the DockATot do extend further as the Grand does not secure at the bottom end to allow additional room for longer tots)

Due to the nature of the DockATot, interior dimensions can push out another 5-7cm comfortably

Snuggle Me

Other DockATot Benefits

Keep Your Baby Flat and Secure

Rather than being propped up in an inclined bouncer seat health practitioners recommend babies under 6 months are kept flat on their backs when lounging or playing. 

The Deluxe+ dock offers a secure, flat padded surface for your baby to lounge and play. And they won’t roll away! So long as you are able to supervise your baby while in the dock, you can take a shower, get dressed, prepare a meal…all handsfree!


DockATot Baby Lounger


Familiar Spot for Baby while Travelling

If you are a travel enthusiast with a baby in tow, our multitasking DockATot will be your trusty travel companion. The Deluxe+ dock will offer a reassuring and familiar place for your baby to lounge no matter where you are. 

Kate, from The Mom Friend says, ‘It instantly creates a safe and clean padded surface to put your baby down, no matter what your surroundings end up being or looking like. Use it in the airport during a layover, out on a balcony at a hotel, or at the park or beach. Its versatility is truly exceptional.'


DockATot Cabana Kit Sunshade


Eases Transition into a Toddler Bed

For older babies, the Grand dock provides a comforting and safe space to transition into a toddler bed. Outgrowing their cot and moving into a new sleeping space can be unsettling for a child, and many parents have said the Grand Dock has greatly helped ease the transition. By placing the Grand Dock into the bed, the built-in sides give your little one a sense of familiarity and security (especially if they have been used to the Deluxe+ dock.)


Snuggle Me Organic

Outdoor Parenting Essential

Whether you are taking a picnic to the park or lounging by the pool, our DockATots are the ultimate outdoor baby/toddler essential. Simply pop it into one of our stylish getaway totes and you’re good to go! 

Our water-resistant base protector will also keep your dock clean and dry while out and about. It folds up into a portable drawstring storage pouch. Getting outdoors with a baby in tow has never been easier! 

Bubba Cloud

What are Parents Saying? 

Our mission at DockATot is to provide luxurious and timeless parenting solutions to everyday life. We may be biased, but we consider a DockATot to be a baby essential for early parenthood. Please don’t just take our word for it, see what other parents say… 

‘My daughter loves her DockATot - I love how it’s a perfect size to take when travelling or even going over to a friend’s. I would recommend buying it, no second thoughts. It’s probably the best thing I’ve bought for my daughter so far.’

‘Love this product! Used for both my kiddos and gives this mama a sense of ease when the baby needs to hang out while I need an extra set of hands!’

‘This has been one of the best gifts for my Grandson. He really loves just laying in it and looking around!’

Need more reassurance? Read more reviews here.

Bub Nest

You Won’t Regret it

The baby product market is saturated with ‘necessities’ for you and your little one and it can be tricky to unravel what is a must-have and what is not. We believe a DockATot baby lounger is one product you will not regret buying. 


Baby shower gift

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