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October 12, 2023 5 min read

Becoming a parent is transformative and life-altering. Amongst the joy of new life, there are challenges and big emotions. A new parent’s support network is vital to loving a new family into being.

As a person in a new parent’s support team, your role is to support your friends or family in this new stage of life (+ maybe steal a few newborn cuddles!). It is an opportunity to make life for the new family feel a little more normal and to create space for the new parents to relax and enjoy their sweet newborn bubble.

With your gift of support, new parents can build confidence to listen to their parenting instincts and care for their baby without hesitation or fear of judgment, just love. 


Help a New Parent Feel Supported by Asking These 10 Simple + Guiding Questions:

Support A New Parent by Asking These 10 Simple Questions

1 - Can I help watch the baby while you shower, sleep or have some time to yourself?

Some babies will happily sleep in their bassinet in the early days but most need a lot of contact and closeness. Offering to hold the baby can help everyone in the family have their needs met…and who doesn’t love a newborn snuggle?! 


2 - Can I do your dishes or laundry?

Doing household jobs such as laundry or washing up is very helpful for new parents as they often have limited time and energy. A clean and tidy house helps create a calming environment, essential for new parents since a messy home can contribute to stress and overwhelm.


3 - Can I drop off some food for you?

⁣It’s hard to feed yourself when you feel like you are feeding your baby 24 hours a day. Drop off dinner for the new parents, it’s one less thing for them to do and ensures they are nourishing their bodies!

Support A New Parent by Asking These 10 Simple Questions

4 - Do you need anything from the supermarket?

Leaving the house with a baby is let's say, rather difficult! Grabbing groceries for new parents is a massive help. If you leave a long way from the new family, consider buying their grocery list online and arrange a home delivery time for them. Check first to confirm the delivery time suits the new family.


5 - Becoming a parent can be a hard transition, how are you going?

Ask them, really. The transition to parenthood is such a big adjustment. 1 in 5 mums and 1 in 10 dads experience postpartum depression and anxiety, so it's important to check in on and see how they're doing. Don't forget the value of being present and listening without distraction.


6 - What do you need? 

This simple question is a great way to support them when they may not know how to ask for help themselves. It may even just be bringing them water or a snack!

Support A New Parent by Asking These 10 Simple Questions

7 - Do you know you can message/call me anytime if you need to talk? The ups and the downs, I’m here for you. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with a handbook? Well, the next best thing is having a support person a new parent can turn to for help at any time. Helping a new parent normalise the challenges of parenthood is a real gift.


8 - Do you need any extra support?

The early stages of parenthood often come with hurdles, from feeding to adapting to the role of a new parent and finding a new routine with a baby. Checking in to see if they need extra support in one particular area can be a great way to let them know that support exists and that they’re completely normal for needing it. Here are some ideas: water the garden, put out the rubbish, walk the dog, book an appointment on their behalf. 


9 - Would you like me to look after your big kids for a bit so you can have some one-on-one with your new baby?

Caring for multiple children can be overwhelming, especially when there's a newborn in the mix. Giving new parents a break from managing the older kids can reduce their stress and give them time to rest and recover as well as to bond with their littlest love.

Support A New Parent by Asking These 10 Simple Questions

10 - What has surprised you most since becoming a parent? 

Often when you're a new parent, everyone talks about the baby which is lovely and kind but it's nice for people to check in with you too.  Asking ‘What has surprised you most about being a parent’ can be a great way to make space for them to share things they may be a little hesitant to bring up or even just talk about how in love they are with their newest addition and 'aren't they just the cutest?!'


Tell them 'You're doing an amazing job' and 'Your baby is so lucky to have you!'

One of the most important messages parents need to hear is a simple one: 'You're doing an amazing job!' because I guarantee they're not hearing it enough. They are doing great things by loving and caring for their precious new baby and their little one is so lucky to have such incredibly kind and nurturing parents!

We hope these 10 questions when asked, help the new parents in your life feel supported, encouraged and like they are not alone.



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Support A New Parent by Asking These 10 Simple Questions

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