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December 01, 2022 2 min read

There is so much to think about as a first time mama, so many baby products I didn’t even know I needed. The DockATot, was certainly one of them. My only regret? Not getting it sooner.

DockATot gave me real peace of mind and a chance to do all the things I needed and wanted to do knowing my little human was snug and safe.

DockATot Baby Nest Review

First Look

Granted, there aren’t many things that are more perfect than holding and cuddling my little one, but I have to admit there are moments in the day when I really just need another pair of hands. Having suffered from severe carpal tunnel in both wrists after my daughter was born, being hands free at times was vital to my recovery.

A cosy place for her during the day when mama needs to get things done. A safe place for her to lounge or play when we’re on the move or just spending time together.

The DockATot is a great solution all whilst being simple and stylish, with lots of designs to choose from and different spare covers when you want to switch things up.

DockATot Review | My Baby Essentials!


These baby nests really are a wonderful way to provide a secure space for bubs, whether I’m giving her a little massage, practicing tummy time or just having play time. She took to lying and settling in it instantly and felt so snug and cosy, giving me the chance to catch up on some housework while she lay happily next to me.

We spend more time outside in the parks, the beach or by the pool as the dock is super light and portable and I can keep her cool and safe right by my side. The fabric is hygienic and stays cool, plus the Cabana Kit offers the perfect option for shade and shelter from the elements and bugs, offering UV protection and a bug screen.

The DockATot Deluxe: A Real Mum's Review


I feel so much more relaxed having the DockATot as it gives me freedom to move around when I need to, knowing my little girl is happy and safe in her cosy cocoon. She can chill out between feeds, I can add the little Toy Arch for her to play and I can take it all with us anywhere we go, each with their own carrier bags.

It even has a slightly longer lifespan if you open the buckle once she starts moving around more. It’s simple to keep clean as the covers zip off easily and go in the washing machine and I can buy additional covers too if I need.

Real Mum Reviews: DockATot Baby Nest


It goes without saying that I would and have highly recommended a DockATot for any new parent, even for parents with older babies or toddlers. They’re perfect little purpose-built loungers that just makes things that little more stress free for everyone.

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This article was originally published here by Newborn Baby.

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