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April 08, 2024 4 min read

DockATot baby loungers have earned their reputation as the top choice for parents worldwide, with over 4800+ 5-star reviews and many international parenting and design awards.

Endorsed by health professionals and loved by parents, DockATot baby loungers have been a trusted parenting companion for over 1+ million families since 2006.

Here are 10 reasons why you too will fall in love with DockATot baby loungers too!


1. Flat Firm Base is Safe for Baby

At DockATot, safety is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we designed our baby lounger with a flat, firm base, providing a safe and secure surface for your baby to lounge and play. Comparatively the bases of other pillow-like loungers, may curve baby’s back and press their chins to chest which potentially increases the risk of blocked airways. 

10 Reasons Why DockATot is the Best Baby Lounger

2. Padded Base offers Ultimate Comfort

Designed with a padded base, DockATot baby loungers ensure your baby’s comfort no matter if placed on hard floors, carpets or timber decks. Some other loungers may offer padded sides but no cushioning behind baby’s back, leaving them unprotected on cold surfaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of adding mats or towels, DockATot guarantees your baby’s comfort wherever life takes you. Check out the 25 ways you can use a DockATot.


3. Firm Padded Sides are Best for Tummy Time

The firm padded sides of the DockATot create a soothing, womb-like environment for your baby. The sides are intentionally designed to be firm, offering vital support during tummy time. Many pillow-style loungers have far less firm sides which do not adequately support your baby during tummy time, essential for baby's physiological development. The firm yet cosy sides of the DockATot also help contain baby more securely than pillow-style loungers, offering parents wriggle-free nappy changes…and we all know what a challenge this can be!

10 Reasons Why DockATot is the Best Baby Lounger

4. Level Up with Unique Multi-Functional Accessories

DockATot is the only baby lounger in the world to offer a range of innovative and fun accessories that greatly increase your lounger’s functionality so you can get the most value out of it. From Cabana Kit Sunshades to attachable Toy Arch Sets, which transform your lounger into a outdoor baby oasis or a play gym, DockATot’s accessories keep your baby happy for longer, giving you more hands-free parenting moments at home or on-the-go! Our accessory collection also includes clever waterproof Base Protectors and Travel Totes to protect your lounging kit when on-the-go.


5. Extendable Length offers Greater Longevity

DockATot is the only lounger to adapt as your baby grows, offering you longevity and great value. Designed with a clip at the end, the DockATot baby lounger extends as your baby grows. Babies have comfortably used the DockATot from birth to 12 months ~ see one baby's 12mth DockATot journey here. In comparison, many babies outgrow pillow-style loungers around 4-5 months as they do not have any capacity to extend or support babies with longer legs.

Best Baby Lounger

6. So Luxe and Oh-So-Soft

Anyone who has felt a DockATot, totally gets it (IYKYK)! The quality of construction and materials is unmatched by any other lounger. At DockATot we believe parents deserve everyday luxuries to honour this special season of life.  DockATot baby loungers are crafted by hand in Europe from 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton which is safe and gentle on baby’s skin. Made to last and to be loved, the DockATot surpasses other loungers in both quality and durability, maintaining its integrity wash after wash. This superior quality ensures longevity and enduring value, from one baby to the next.


7. Two Handles for Greater Portability

DockATot understands the importance of portability for parents. Lightweight and complete with two handles, take the DockATot easily from room to room to keep your baby close,no matter where the day takes you.This small design feature makes a big difference in a parent’s day and reflects that DockATot was designed by parents for parents.

10 Reasons Why DockATot is the Best Baby Lounger

8. Easy Care, Fully Washable.

As parents, we get it. Babies are messy! To make parent-life easy and fuss free, all the components of the DockATot are fully machine washable (with the exception of the base which can be hand washed). This alleviates any stress associated with spills or accidents. Complete care instructions for the DockATot are available here.


9. A Style for Everyone

With a beautiful range of prints and colourways, DockATot is where style and function meet. There is a design for everyone to fall in love with and even match to your baby’s nursery. And when a new baby is on the way, you can change it up and refresh your lounger with a brand new spare cover

DockATot is the Best Baby Lounger

10. Seamless Upgrade to the Toddler Lounger

If your little one has outgrown their DockATot Baby Lounger (0-8+ months) and you're feeling a bit lost without your reliable lounger, fear not! In response to high demand, we created a Stage 2 Toddler Lounger designed for older babies and toddlers (9-36+ months) to continue enjoying the same snug embrace. 


Choose DockATot, only the best baby lounger for your baby!

Still not convinced? Read real parent reviews here and see how the DockATot went viral here

DockATot Best Baby Lounger

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