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July 28, 2023 3 min read

The job of feeding babies can be a round-the-clock experience in the first few months. Your baby will grow at an incredible rate during their first year. In fact, this is the fastest they'll ever grow. Over the first six months, you can expect your baby to gain about 600g to 800g each month and roughly double their birth weight!
So it's no wonder parents often sigh with relief once they find an ergonomic feeding pillow to support them as they nurture their babies during this growth j-curve! Here are 8 key benefits to using a nursing pillow
Comfort and Support: Breastfeeding can be physically demanding for mums, especially during the early stages when both baby and mum are still learning to establish a good latch. Feeding pillows provide the necessary support and elevation, reducing strain on back, neck and arms regardless of whether you choose to breast or bottle feed. The soft cushioning of the pillow creates a cozy environment for the baby, making the experience more enjoyable for both parent and little one.
Improved Latch and Feeding Position: Breastfeeding pillows promote optimal positioning of the baby at the breast, facilitating a proper latch and reducing the risk of nipple soreness. Proper alignment ensures the baby can effectively feed and get the nourishment they need, leading to a more satisfying and efficient feeding session.
Versatility and Multi-Functional Use: Besides facilitating breastfeeding, these pillows are versatile. They can be used for bottle feeding, propping the baby up during supervised tummy time, and providing a soft and safe place for the baby to rest or play. This adaptability means that mums can continue using the pillow as their baby grows, making it a practical and long-lasting investment.

DockATot has created 'La Maman Wedge', a luxe support pillow designed specifically with the needs of both breast and bottle feeding parents in mind. Here are 8 reasons you'll just love it!

1. Ergonomic Support

The 'La Maman Wedge' Nursing Pillow curves around the body to support both baby and parent to ensure your back and neck are ergonomically supported to reduce muscle strain when feeding. 

2. Multi-Functional

Regardless of your choice to breast or bottle feed, the La Maman Wedge feeding pillow will support various feeding positions from cross body cradle hold to under arm football hold. 

"So comfortable! I love nursing with my pillow. My husband even enjoy using it when he bottle feeds the baby." - Magdalina D.

nursing pillow

3. Unique Shape

The tapered wedge shape differs from the traditional U-Shape in order to offer maximum comfort for parents. The fuller, rounded edge supports baby's head while the tapered edge easily tucks beside your body without being too bulky

"Been using it with our newborn and can’t say enough great things about this pillow. Sturdy, perfect depth, shapes to your body under your chest and is pretty! This a must-have!" - Kadee B.

4. Tummy Time

Nursing pillows aren't just for breast or bottle feeding, they can be used as a tummy time prop for your little one. Simply place your baby's arms over the pillow to give them a new vantage point.

breastfeeding pillow

5. Portability

Built-in handle allows parents to easily transport the La Maman Wedge while their hands are full.

6. Longevity 

Doubles as a decorative pillow long after your baby has stopped feeding. The chic prints, tassles and trims elevate any space. Choosing lifestyle products that are useful beyond your baby’s need is an eco-conscious choice that also avoids the clutter of baby paraphernalia around your home. 

The Best Nursing Pillows for Feeding Baby

7. Support for Postpartum Recovery

The curved design snugly fits around postpartum bodies while reducing the strain on mum's back, neck and arms. For c-section mums using a nursing pillow creates a buffer between your baby and your abodmen so there is less pressure on your scar.

"Many pillows are uncomfortable after a C Section delivery but not this one- it has a gentle curve that can be adjusted as needed around your midsection, with no annoying straps or overstuffed edges. As baby and I both changed sizes after birthing, this pillow accommodated all changes well!" - Beth

8. Easy-Clean Fabric and Made in Europe

Our Navy Night Falls and Strawberry Thief prints are made from easy-clean, soft velvet. Our Chambray designs are machine-washable for easy cleaning. European-made with high quality craftsmanship with Oeko-Tex Certified Fabric. Our Nursing Pillows are made with love to last.

"Luxurious! This material is heavenly. This pillow is everything and more." - Lisa S.


Explore the La Maman Wedge Breastfeeding Pillow Range

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