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January 30, 2020 4 min read

One of my most asked questions is what was your must have items for newborns and mum during the first year.. so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite go to's that helped and are still helping me through the first 12 months … so whether your a first time mum or doing it for the 6th time hopefully there is something on my list to help you out.

If your a new mum or mum to be, it can be overwhelming and super confusing, starting with the list of stuff you need for the hospital bag if that doesn’t scare you enough to shove the baby back in there I don’t know what will. 

Then there’s the never ending list of stuff you need once bubs is here and let me tell you I 100% guarantee you want use half of it.  

After four kids you’d think I’d have some idea of what I need and don’t need but truth be told I freaked out leading up to all four of my babies world premieres. 

The feeling of being under prepared is going to come no matter how prepared you are because BABIES those little cute, super soft, teeny tiny, balls of joy will flip you on your arse no matter how “prepared” you are, but that’s a whole other blog. 

Anyway enough of me scaring your legs crossed, I’ve put together a list of things I swear by and most of them I didn’t find until baby 4 so your welcome. 

Drum rollll please!! Coming in at number 1: Love to Dream Swaddles

Saved my sleep I swear, and the hassle of wrapping bubs just for them to Houdini out quicker then you can stop, drop and roll out of their room was not a game that I liked participating in.

2: Zoe Sage NursElet

Firstly if you breastfeed the Zoe Sage Nurselet is going to be your best friend. Why? Because this tiny little genius invention will eliminate all the awkward chin holds and neck kinks that occur when attempting to keep your top held up, one arm holding bubs, one hand holding your nips, making sure the nipple shield doesn’t fall etc etc by holding your top up for you what??? Shock horror, it’s one of those things that’s so simple your kicking yourself you didn’t think of it first

Tie breaker for spot 3: Missta and Body Ice 


MISSTA if your formula feeding this is a god sent…. I CANNOT rave enough about this product, BUY IT, ENOUGH SAID (and yes I am YELLING this at you because it’s very important you have this haha)

If your Breastfeeding then BODY ICE breast pads…. these babies can be used warm or cold… oh the cold soothing feeling makes my nipples aroused just thinking about how good these were when my boobs were bigger then my head. 

4: Footed Baby Pants

Because baby socks are such a waste of money those pesky little things show up every where but your babies feet, they DO NOT stay on.

Just saying!!! 


5: DockATot

The pros to this product are endless, Andi is almost 8 months old and still naps in it. It kept her safe from the other kids when she was small and vulnerable then it converted into a play gym for when she was sitting. We’ve taken it on holidays, nights away, EVERYWHERE. Super easy to take anywhere with its own carry case, worth every penny. Oh and did I mention the covers which are completely machine washable and sooooo cute with a range of colours and patterns, I know your sold, right?

Modi Bodi Panties for Postpartum Loss

Honestly you don't want to be the only wearing surfboard pads.

No no no no no. Period jocks YES YES YES

7: Nappy Wallet (for your glove box)

This is not a drill, you will require an emergency nappy wallet at some stage in the first 12 months so PLEASE do your self a favour and have a fully kitted out nappy wallet in your glove box ready to stick it to the man when he tries to catch you unaware.  

Stina’s Style have some cute ones.

8: Shnuggle Bath

Life changing, repeat life changing.

Nothing about bathing a baby gave me the warm and fuzzies. The awkward stance, one arm supporting bubs, one arm washing, one arm preparing the towel, one arm... Ohhh wait I don’t have that many arms. Que the Shnuggle Bath, omg bubs is supported. I’m sitting or standing comfortably and I have free hands.

We got ours from The Stork Nest

9: Bumbo

My kids all loved sitting in their Bumbo’s while I cooked dinner… way more convenient then them having a conniption at my feet.

10: Jolly Jumper

Hands free entertainment and for added you time shimmy a play gym in front of them so they can jump and play Stina’s Style Rattan gym is perfect. Everybody’s winning at this game 

Well ladies, there you have it, my top 10!


Laura xx


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