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July 12, 2022 2 min read

I’m super new to this whole mum thing, but I do already have my favorite baby products. Eliza is five weeks old now so I’m getting the idea of what baby products are worth having and which products I can probably do without. I’m one of those people who researches things to death and that’s what I did for the DockATot. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between what is a necessity and what is unnecessary. I don’t have a huge house with a lot of extra space so I want to have only the essentials for baby Eliza.

One thing Eliza loves lately is her DockATot Baby Nest. Does anyone else have a baby who loves something one day and hates it the next? The DockATot has been consistent as far as something Eliza enjoys. I was on Instagram one day when I came across the DockATot and I knew I had to try it out. Now that I have the baby I realise how important and helpful it is to have places to set her down while I get something done around the house. I never knew I could appreciate having both of my arms free for any period of time during the day as much as I do!

DockATot Review: A Must-Have for New Mums by Ashley

I love that the DockATot is multifunctional: so far I have used it for Eliza to lounge in while I get ready for the day, when I need to set her down to prepare food in the kitchen, when we’re just hanging out and relaxing and for tummy time. It’s also really portable and easy to bring with you wherever you go! We like to travel so I can see bringing it with us on our future trips as a place for Eliza to lay down. I feel like it’s something I can really use anywhere.

The DockATot is snug around baby so they have the comforting feeling of the womb. The Deluxe DockATot is intended for babies who are 0-8 months but I see Eliza using it well beyond that. The bottom of the dock has a buckle you can leave open when the baby grows. For older children, there is the DockATot Grand for kids from 9 months to 3 years old. The Grand is perfect for toddler bed transitions. As long as Eliza keeps loving her DockATot Deluxe, I’ll have to get her the bigger size when the time comes.

DockATot Product Review

There are so many cute, modern patterns and colours to choose from with the DockATot. I chose to order the Carrara Marble design as it went with the color scheme in the baby’s nursery. You can also purchase additional covers to have as a back-up if the baby gets one cover dirty and you have to throw it in the laundry. The Toy Arches are awesome! They give your baby something to interact and play with but also something to be entertained by.

I think this is an absolute baby essential and would make a great baby shower gift if you have any pregnant mothers in your life!

Love, Ashley x

DockATot Baby Essentials

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