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July 11, 2022 2 min read

No one can tell you what becoming a mother feels like. No one can explain the emotions that will wash over you the moment you meet you child. They will try, but instead they might tell you of the harder times, they may leave out the beauty, because the truth is, the moment you meet your child is meant to be indescribable.

Because it is, and it will forever be yours.

It will forever be magic.

I couldn’t believe I had brought this beautiful little human into this world, it was scary and daunting but I sat there in awe, tracing his face in my mind, I had never seen anything more perfect. I had never wanted to protect someone or worry for them; I had never known such a fierce love like this.

Someone to house in my heart forever, a mother’s heart.

I didn’t need a manual, though sometimes I wished there was one. I fell victim to the late night google searches, and to comparing myself to other mothers. But I also fell head over heels and somewhere between self-doubt and love I realised I was what he needed.

As a new mother, some days I felt lost, but his eyes would always find me. I was always reminded when I breathed him in that this was where I was meant to be.

I’d watch my husband with him and I’d feel a warmth that had me picturing our future, and simultaneously holding me present in that very moment. I could see him growing, it was happening fast.

Becoming a mother taught me to trust myself, that even though so many of us are on this journey together, this was mine.

This is yours and you will evolve and grow with them.

You’ll watch the sunrise and dream of sleep and stay up late looking at photos of them on your phone.

You’ll learn to trust yourself, because they’ll teach you to.

You’ll meet all your hopes and dreams that day.

But I can’t tell you all of this.

This indescribable beauty.

No one can.

That you will pick up and cradle your very own heart.

The day that you become a mother.


Written by Jess Urlichs for DockATot

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