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July 19, 2022 2 min read

Right now, I am your home.

My life changed in an instant when I saw that line appear, you picked me and I am so happy to be yours.

I’m watching my app, waiting for the fruit or vegetable to get bigger, waiting until I can see that little bump, more proof that you’ll be in our lives soon. Because sometimes I can’t believe this is real.

Sometimes I think it must be a dream.

But real you are, suddenly you’re snuggled under my stretchy waistband because I can no longer zip up my jeans. Now when I’m out my hands always find you, maybe the protecting has already begun, maybe you need my touch already.

You’re hearing everything now, not just the lullaby of my heartbeat, but you’ve known my voice for a while. It soothes and sings to you, whinges from time to time too, it also demands strange food requests to your father late at night.

We’re getting closer and you’re leaving maps on my belly. I’m lying awake each night, tracing over your little knocks and movements.

“Yes, I’m here”, I say to you, and you give me a prod back.

It’s not all easy, there’s heartburn, cramps that have me leaping out of bed, some nights I don’t sleep because my hips are so sore. But I’ll never forget these evenings with you, like our little secret,  before I have to share you with the world.

And how lucky they will be.

It’s strange being caught between enjoying this moment, wanting to meet you and also being incredibly nervous. A group of conflicting feelings, all in good company, all normal, I know.

Who will you be little one? I’m lost in thoughts of your eye colour and the places you will go.

I can’t wait to know you.

But I will wait, because this time of just us is so precious in it’s own way.

Soon you will open your eyes and your world will be much bigger.

But I promise you this.

You will always be mine

And I will always be your home.


Written by Jess Urlichs for DockATot

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"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L

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