Decisions, decisions.
When it comes to buying the DockATot, there are a few important questions to consider. With so many stylish covers and prints to choose from - whether to match baby’s nursery or just your personal taste - this decision can be a conundrum all on its own. Then there’s the question of which accessories to add, do you need a spare cover, or travel bag, etc. 
We also sometimes get questions about what size to purchase. The answer is usually pretty straightforward. We always recommend the Deluxe+ size for newborns up until about 8/12 months old, however some babies use the Deluxe+ much longer, up until about a two years old. It’s meant to be snug to create a sense of being held.
The Grand size is designed for little ones approximately 9-36 months old. We advise against using the Grand before 9 months. Because the Grand is much roomier, babies won’t benefit from the snugness created by the Deluxe+ dock.
To help provide some context, we’ve compiled a collection of photos to give parents an idea of what babies look like at different ages and weights in both the Deluxe+ and Grand docks. It’s important to remember that all babies are different and have different needs, but hopefully this compilation will create a frame of reference.
Gabriel in the Deluxe, 3 weeks old and 4 kg.

[By @everydayharts]
Soren & Huntly in the Deluxe, both 5 weeks old and 3.6 kg.

[By @_sarapward_]
Jett in the Deluxe, 7 months old and 9.1kg.

[By @2dadsandajett]
Penelope in the Deluxe, 2 months old and 5.6 kg.

[By @acharlestonmom]
Jo in the Deluxe, 3 months and 4.6 kg.

[By @genuine_jo]
Anika in the Deluxe, 4.5 months, 6.4 kg.

[By @mitch_madrigal]
In the Deluxe, both 6 months and 6.4 kg.

[By @paigeklimas]
In the Deluxe, 6 months and 8.2 kg.

[By @annyapovroznik]
Sienna Mae in the Deluxe, 4 months and 5.5 kg. Indie Rey in the Grand, 2 years and 11.4 kg.
Brinely in the Grand, 3 years and 16.8 kg. Rhett in the Deluxe, 4 months and 7.3 kg.
Conor in the Deluxe, 1 week and 4.1 kg.

[By @nikkiehoang]
Noah in the Deluxe, 22 weeks and 12 kg. 
Conor in the Grand, 15 months and 10.5 kg.

[By @nikkiehoang]
Harlow in the Grand, 15 months and 10.5 kg.

[By @jocelynsmithphoto]
Noah (left) and Jonah (right), both in the Grand. Noah is 15 months and
11.8 kg. Jonah is 2.5 years and 14.5 kg.

[By @theokiehome]
Scarlett in the Grand, 13 months and 11.4 kg.

[By @caitlynneier]
In the Grand, 10 months and 10.4 kg.

[By @domoniquedd]
Reign in the Grand, 2.5 years and 13.2 kg.

[By @beccathorderson]
Ava in the Grand, 14 months and 10.5 kg.

[By @mydaintydarlings]
In the Grand, 27 months and 13.5 kg.

[By @beautyandbeatitudes]