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It’s no coincidence the DockATot is loved by over a million babies world-wide and has received thousands of 5-star reviews.

The DockATot’s unique patented design has been carefully shaped to soothe and settle your baby, allowing parents to enjoy peaceful handsfree moments throughout the day.

In order to create a snug and safe place for your baby to lounge and play, it is super important to correctly choose between our Stage 1 ‘DockATot Deluxe’ or our larger Stage 2 lounger ‘DockATot Grand’ to suit your baby’s age and stage.

Here is your go-to sheet to confidently choose the correct size DockATot for your little one.


The Magic is in the Size and Shape

Our brand trademark – ‘Reinventing the Womb’ – highlights the DockATot is designed to be snug. This snugness mimics the experience of the womb and has a soothing effect on your baby.

The DockATot’s rounded shape gives your baby the sense of being held, subdues your baby’s startle reflex, and helps keep your baby calm and content.

A key point to remember – the DockATot’s magic rests in its snug fit. The snugger the fit, the more likely your baby will feel secure and settled.


Stage 1 - DockATot Deluxe has an 8-month Lifespan

To see how a growing baby fits in a DockATot month by month, take a look at our Magical Milestones blog which showcases how our Stage 1 lounger ‘DockATot Deluxe’ can be used from birth to not just 8 months....but up until 12 months!

Parents often have the misconception their babies have prematurely outgrown the ‘DockATot Deluxe’. However, we must remember DockATot is designed to be snug. The snugness is what creates a familiar womblike space to soothe and settle your baby. Placing your newborn in a larger Stage 2 lounger will simply lose this soothing magic!

Important to note is how DockATot grows with your baby. The length of the Deluxe size is fully adjustable, thanks to the clip at the foot end. As your little one gets taller, the clasps simply remain open for added length.

Also keep in mind babies do not always rest with their legs straight, but often in a shortened ‘froggy-style’ position. Babies love the secure sense of being enclosed and often enjoy resting their legs or feet on top of the lounger.

So rest assured, even the chubbiest of cherubs will enjoy the ‘DockATot Deluxe’ for months and months. We’ve even seen 20-month-old babies still enjoying their ‘DockATot Deluxe’! Don’t be tempted to prematurely upgrade to our larger Stage 2 ‘DockATot Grand’ otherwise your baby will miss out on all the soothing snuggles of the ‘DockATot Deluxe’.




Don’t Jump the Gun - why our larger Stage 2 ‘DockATot Grand’ is not recommended for babies under 9 mths

Parents are sometimes tempted to skip purchasing our smaller Stage 1 lounger and simply invest in the larger Stage 2 ‘DockATot Grand’ from birth to try and extend the longevity of their DockATot.

A newborn laying in the larger ‘DockATot Grand’ will be too small to touch the sides of the lounger and therefore will not experience the familiar womb-like space nor the calming sense of being held that our smaller Stage 1 ‘DockATot Deluxe’ is renowned for.

By trying to purchase a larger one-size-fits-all solution, you will miss the soothing magic of Stage 1, right when you need it most as a sleep-deprived new parent.

A key feature of the Grand DockATot is its ability to help with bed transitioning, thanks to built-in sides that allow young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. The DockATot Grand gives little ones a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds.

We therefore do not recommend graduating to our Stage 2 ‘DockATot Grand’ until your baby is 9 months old.


Comparative Specs – Stage 1 ‘DockATot Deluxe’ VS Stage 2 ‘DockATot Grand’


Stage 1DockATot Deluxe is intended from birth to 8 months old (2.3–10kgs).

  • Exterior Dimensions: approx. 74 cm L (Buckle closed) x 46 cm W
  • Interior Dimensions: approx. 53 cm L x 20 cm W

The side tubes are firm (to facilitate ‘Tummy Time’) but still malleable allowing the internal dimensions of the Deluxe DockATot to be push out easily as needed by another 5-7cm.

Stage 2DockATot Grand is intended for toddlers 9-36 months (10-18kgs+).

  • Exterior Dimensions: approx. 122 cm L (Buckle closed) x 61 cm W
  • Interior Dimensions: approx. 86 cm L x 30 cm W

Due to the softness of the side tubes, the internal dimensions of the Grand DockATot can push out easily as needed by another 5-7cm.



We are Here to Help You

We want to see your baby happy and content in their DockATot and ensure you have the right size dock. If you have any sizing questions about DockATot, please contact our helpful team via the Contact Us page.

Wishing you and your family many happy DockATot moments!