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April 03, 2020 2 min read

The Truth About Baby Skin

We all know that our babies have super delicate skin. So delicate in fact that paediatricians don't even recommend putting sunscreen on it until after 6 months old. There's a whole skincare category devoted to baby skincare, and with good reason. Baby's skin is 30 percent thinner than adult skin and therefore absorbs whatever is put on it at a higher rate than more mature skin. Many baby-safe skincare brands are hyper-aware of this and are made without toxins or scary ingredients, and that's great and all, but what many mums don't realise is that it's not just soaps or lotions that can affect baby's skin. Any fabric that your baby comes into contact with can also potentially irritate and get absorbed into the skin, too.


What You Don't Want in Fabrics
Fabrics containing petrochemicals, PVCs or synthetic fibres can get absorbed through the skin. Studies have showed that those synthetic materials are linked to all sorts of alarming things, such as behavioural issues and immune disorders as well as cancer. While it's virtually impossible to ensure that all fabrics your little one comes into contact with are worry-free, you can do your best to make sure that the fabrics they're exposed to most often are toxin-free. This means the onesies they wear every day and the clothes and fabrics they sleep with.


Why Your Baby's Skin is Safe with DockATot
Your baby spends most of their time snoozing, so it's crucial that their sleep environment is as safe as can be. DockATot has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that our materials are free of any harmful substances. All components that make up the our products are free of toxins and made with the highest quality materials. Our mission is to provide the safest and healthiest environment for your babies and toddlers. 

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