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April 09, 2020 1 min read

Our toy arches & toy sets convert your DockATot into the perfect play spot for your baby! ⁠


These are Not Your Average Dangly Toys!
The cool and quirky dangling toys, which are available in three different sets of crinkly black and white creatures, are a collaboration with two talented illustrators―New York City artist Matthew Langille and Swedish brand Mrs. Mighetto. 

Dockatot mobile toy arch

The two edgy/cool sets created by Langille are Cheeky Chums and Fuzzy Pals (pictured above). Langille's work has been shown at galleries around the world and featured in numerous publications. He's created images for many global fashion and design houses including Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Swatch.

Dockatot toy arch

Mrs. Mighetto designed the Cloud Friends set (pictured above), which depicts fun and whimsical creatures that will inspire curiosity and spark the imagination. Mrs. Migetto's prints are all made from original paintings in watercolor and are loaded with fantasy, history, and mystery and are loved by both grown ups and kids. The beauty is that you can mix and match your favorite toy sets to create a trio that you and your littles love best. 

Dockatot Mobile Toy Arch

As Said by You

"We love the attachment for the DockATot! Our little baby Chloe is very entertained by it and she likes to 'talk' to the animals, bat them with her hands, and stare at the black and white contrast. All of it is great for her development! It was easy to attach and has been very secure. Highly recommend!"⁠ - Lindsay R

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