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April 28, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the incredible women in our lives. To those who've added a new addition to your family since last Mother’s Day, a big and warm congratulations for bringing a little one earth-side. 

But what is it that Mums really want this Mother's Day? We decided to ask you, our DockATot community, what you would like for Mother’s Day.

So, to all the dads and partners out there, if you're wondering what to get your other half for Mother's Day, here are some suggestions that are sure to be well received.


A Lazy Sunday Morning

It’s not surprising the most common Mother’s Day gift request is more sleep! Between midnight feeds and early mornings with bub, sleep for a new parent is a precious commodity.

Although you probably won’t have much luck convincing your little one to sleep through the night, you will be able to take them after their morning feed (or feed them their bottle) and give Mama an extra hour or two under the covers.

You could even bring her breakfast in bed! Now how amazing would that be?


Something Sentimental

Photo by @thebirthposter

A thoughtful card with a heartfelt message can go a long way in lifting the spirits of a tired new mum. Why not create something beautiful that she can hold onto for years to come? Perhaps you could make a card out of your baby’s hand or footprints, or frame a beautiful photo of your little one or the family.

If you are feeling crafty, you could make little clay ornaments with your baby’s feet and frame them. I am sure this will become a keepsake to be treasured forever.


A Touch of ‘Me-Time’

Caring for a newborn is an all-consuming task – especially in those first few months. What many mamas are looking for is some delicious 'me' time; time to enjoy a coffee, relax in a bubble bath, put her feet up and read a book. And for those with toddlers, solo toilet time would also be amazing!

Why not organise a range of thoughtful “me time” gifts, to remind her that she deserves some time to herself. Think magazines, candles, yummy snacks and decadent drinks and you’ve got yourself a delightful gift boxes.


Something Useful

For mums who prefer practical gifts, there's nothing better than a gift that makes life easier. Ideas from our new mums' responses included comfy pyjamas, Ugg boots for winter and a DockATot to be able to put their baby down in.

At DockATot, we believe products should never be merely practical without also being beautiful. Our products blend fashion with function - the dream combo!

If you're not sure of her preferred style, a gift card gives her a chance to treat herself to something from our range!


A Spa Treat

Another popular request from new mamas is some delicious pampering! Whether you choose a spa treatment voucher or some DIY spa products, go for something that will relax and rejuvenate her.

Many mamas longed for a hot bubble bath to relax in, so if baths are her thing, make her day by buying some bath treats, pouring her a drink and taking charge of parenting duties for the next hour to gift her an undisturbed soak.


The secret to what new mums really want for Mother’s Day...

As one mama phrased it, what most new mums really want for Mother’s Day is a “thank you”. Whether that takes the form of tried and tested flowers, an addition to her nursery décor or simply some time to relax, the most important message of all is simple. Thank you.

So, to all the mums with babies, the should be mums, those without mums, the foster mums, the step mums, the solo mums and the grieving mums…thank you!

Thank you for all the love, care and attention you dedicate to your little one.

Thank you for being such a great mum. 

This is what Mother’s Day is really all about.


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Lana Murpy
Lana Murpy

May 20, 2021

I want SLEEEEP!! Anybody else feel it?

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