50 Ways to Use Your DockATot

August 29, 2018

The multi-functional DockATot was created to be the perfect place for baby to lounge no matter where the day takes you. From co-sleeping to tummy time, or picnics at the park to discovering new cities, there are endless ways to use your dock both in and outside the house. Here are 50 fun, creative ways to use the DockATot.
1. Tear-free tummy time. Learn more here. (Photo: @londonhadalittlelamb)
2. Lounging at home.
3. “Mummy & Me” Yoga. (Photo: @rimma_pryadchenko)
4. At the Beach. (Photo: @journeywithmom_)
5. Co-Sleeping.
6. Transition to big kid bed with Grand. (Photo: @nicolebanuelos)
7. Watching TV.
8. Changing Nappies.
9. Supervised Naps.
10. Playtime with Toy Arch. (Photo: @samantha_erin)
11. Breastfeeding in bed. (Photo: @hannahandbabes)
12. Baby’s first photoshoot. (Photo: @retuscheriet)
13. During mama’s bathtime.
14. While working from home. (Photo: @simplymamajules)
15. Exploring new places. (Photo: @jlhallinan)
16. On the airplane.
Lightweight and portable to take on plane and yo use both during stop overs and at your destination.
17. Trips to grandparents’ house. (Photo: @theoverwhelmedmommy)
18. Meeting siblings for the first time. (Photo: @fourtifiedfam)
19. A picnic in the shade (@brittaboooo)
20. Morning snuggle time with the whole family (Photo: @chantellespark)
21. Playdate with friends (Photo: @fit4mom_riverside)
22. Hanging out while mum works out.
23. At the pool. (Photo: @morganmaliahesse)
24. While the big kids take a bath. (Photo: @dccold)
25. Road trip! (Photo: @allshewrotenotes)
26. While mom gets ready.
27. In a tiny home. (Photo: @whitneyleighmorris)
28. Bonding time with siblings.
29. Date night with baby. (Photo: @irene_smith15)
30. Evenings al fresco. (Photo: @whitneyleighmorris)
31. With a house bed. (Photo: @teoyolivia)
32. Monthly photo updates.
33. While preparing dinner. (Photo: @addiegundry)
34. On camping trips. (Photo: @albumsbyelizabeth)
35. In a camper or RV.
36. While folding laundry.
37. At the hospital (Photo: @saritaaah)
38. On holiday. (Photo: @themachouseblog)
39. In the hotel room.
40. On mini excursions. (Photo: @sunnyspeaksfood)
41. Sibling snuggle time! (Photo: @magalytompkins)
42. While enjoying postpartum pleasures. (Photo: @bayarea_buzzies)
43. Creative playtime! (Photo: @dccold)
44. On a boat. (Photo: @jenpennella)
45. At the lake. (Photo: @sleepyonhudson)
46. Long stopover naps. (Photo: @lifewithvioletr)
47. Walking in a winter wonderland. (Photo: @happily_kate)
48. A place to lay while tending the other twin. (Photo: @emilyijackson)
49. Storytime. (Photo: @j.vangaalen)
50. Staring at them while they sleep. (Photo: @laurenjhein)

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