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March 24, 2023 3 min read

Introducing our new On-The-Go Accessories. Practical style for wherever your parenting moments take you!

As parents we love being able to travel with ease. Naturally, this is challenging with a baby. We have created a chic DockATot Getaway Tote and Clutch Changer that allow you and your baby an extra level of ease, when exploring culture or country, side by side. With the huge range of practical features in this new collection, alongside our trusty DockATot, you can grab everything you need in a moment and head off on new adventures. 

Zero fuss, with all the fun. Just how travelling ought to be!

Plus, as you would expect from the DockATot brand, you’ll be stepping out in style with our usual high-quality materials and attention to detail. These bags will see you and your baby through years together, on the go.


Travel Made Easy: The DockATot Getaway Tote

Protect your precious dock on the go with our stylish Travel Totes. You can relax knowing that everything you need is right there at hand.

The Deluxe and Grand Getaway Totes are full of hidden surprises. With three interior mesh pockets, perfectly sized for the DockATot Clutch Changer and spare covers, and two detachable pouches for those emergency access moments, you won’t leave a thing behind!

The waterproof and durable fabric ensures your dock stays clean and safe, and the lightweight design and cushioned shoulder strap ensure you stay comfortable, calm and in control.

Our two gender-neutral fabrics perfectly compliment any travel style and attach comfortably to your luggage with the handy exterior luggage strap.

Be prepared, be comfortable, and keep baby happy wherever you go! 


Practicality Meets Style: The DockATot Clutch Changer

Meet your handy, all-in-one, portable changing mat - the Clutch Changer. It comes in two styles and doubles up as a super stylish, easy-to-carry clutch bag.

The compact design contains mesh zips pockets, a wet wipes pouch and an elastic pouch for all the nappies you can squeeze in. There is also a removable and washable changing pad with two beautiful designs.

Hold your beautiful Clutch Changer by the wrist strap, the top handle, or throw it into your bag. Whatever you do, you'll look and feel great knowing that you have everything you need within reach. Nappy emergencies will be a thing of the past!


Keep Your Dock Clean: The Base Protector

We like parenting in style but that doesn't mean we forget the practicalities. When you're out and about with your dock, keep it clean with our base protectors for both the Deluxe and Grand DockATots.

Available in navy or grey, the water-resistant liner fits perfectly around the base of your dock, allowing you to enjoy beach trips, park picnics or afternoons in the backyard without worry. The liner folds into its attached drawstring storage pouch so you can toss it in a Getaway Tote, carry-on, or stroller basket. 

Once you grab your new DockATot On The Go accessories it'll be hard not to book a break away every weekend - they make parenting on the go that bit easier.

Head on over to browse our accessories and choose your Deluxe Getaway Tote in either the Luxe or the Sport, and your Clutch Changer in the Luxe or the Signature.



Simplifying life for new parents, DockATot is your extra set of hands.

The multi-functional DockATot is the perfect place for your baby to lounge, play, rest, cuddle, and enjoy  tummy time. The DockATot is here for you no matter where the day takes you! Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product, parents and babies around the world love DockATot.

From parents who know:

"Life saver! No matter if we are home or out and about, we always take our DockATot with us. So easy for on the go and also easy to clean." - Alexia D.

"Best baby investment ever - worth every dollar! Extremely versatile and handy, it's like having an extra set of hands. My boy Quinton absolutely loves his DockAtot. Time to upgrade to the Grand soon." - Anna D.

"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L.

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