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August 12, 2020 1 min read

Congratulations, a girl! We all know that naming a baby is a big decision so here at DockATot we want to help. We've selected 50 of our favourite baby girl names along with the meanings to help get you started.


Annika - Grace

Ada - Noble

Bella - Beautiful

Billie - Determination, Strength

Birdie - Bringing victory

Bobbie - Foreign woman

Clementine - Mild, merciful


Cora - Maiden

Daisy - Energetic

Daphne - Laurel tree

Dulcie - Sweet

Eden - Place of pleasure

Emilia - Rival

Emmie - Universal

Elkie - Noble

Elle - She

Esme -  Beloved

Evie - Life

Florence - Flourishing

Frankie - Free

Gia - God's gracious gift

Gigi - God is my strength

Grace - Love and kindness of God

Goldie - Gold

Harriette - Estate ruler

Ivy - Faithful

Iris - Rainbow

Janica - God is gracious

Lola - Lady of sorrows

Lucia - Light

Luna - Moon

Mae - Pearl

Maya - Water

Mila - Gracious

Millie - Strong in work


Poppy - Red flower


Rowie - Freedom

Rumi - Beauty

Sage - Wise

Sofia - Wisdom

Stella - Star

Vada - Famous Ruler

Vera - Faith

Victoria - Victory


Yumi - Short bow

Zuri - Good, beautiful



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