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November 04, 2020 4 min read

If there is one thing that we are all wonderfully good at, it’s enjoying the beautiful weather we get during summer! For the new parents up at the break of dawn, the breathtaking fairy floss sunrises are a sure way to start your day on the right foot. If not, the warm glow of the summer sun showering us with light long into the night will put a smile on anyone’s face. For those wanting to make the most of our glorious weather with your baby, we’ve put together some fun family outing ideas that you’ll love.

1. Beach

There’s nothing quite like packing up the car for a fun-filled and relaxing day at the beach. With everything from building sandcastles to splashing in the water, perhaps a cheeky ice-cream as a treat - it’s the perfect outing on a beautiful summer’s day. Don’t forget to pack your Cabana Kit, the perfect addition for your little bub. The tell-tale sign of a day well spent will be the quiet ride home as the little ones in the back succumb to that much needed nap, that and the carload of sand that will now need to be cleaned out!



2. Wildlife Park

If your little ones are into animals, then pack your stroller, a bottle of water and snacks for a wild day at a wildlife park or zoo. The whole family will enjoy meeting the animals and keep an eye out for the feedings – they are always lots of fun to watch. Find a little spot under the tree to have a bite to eat and a break from exploring and see how many animals you can hear! Finish the day off with a fun game of eye spy or enjoy the quiet as your little cubs sleep soundly in the backseat.

3. Paddling Pool

Paddling pools are a world of fun for little legs, especially when those little fountains spurt up water to a welcoming of screaming laughter. Set yourself up for a few hours of fun by yourself, with your significant other or invite friends for a play date by the pool. Don’t worry, your DockATot will keep your baby safe and sound right next to you as you watch over your other little ones.



4. Aquarium

If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo, then take a deep dive under the sea at your local aquarium. Learn all about the wonderful sea creatures that live in the ocean and take a moment to sit and watch the schools of fish as they dance along to their own symphony, gracefully in time with each other as they turn left and right. If you’d like a little memento from your adventure, the gift shop is full of little gifts – we like getting fridge magnets.  

5. Playground

Do we hear playdate? If you’re lucky enough to live close to a park, pack up your bags for a few hours of fun and stroll over to your local playground. Catch up with your friends over a cheeky coffee while the kids play with theirs – we think that’s a win, win! With all that excitement and running around playing, there is no question that the whole family might need a little afternoon snooze.

6. Botanical Gardens

Introduce the little ones to the wonders of flora in your local botanical gardens. Wander through the perfectly landscaped gardens, pointing out all the beautiful flowers, shrubs and animals that call this place home. Don’t forget to bring along a little treat to have sitting under a big gum tree or by the little pond and enjoy this little city oasis. If you fancy feeding the ducks, purchase some grain from your local pet store!

Botanical Gardens

7. Children’s Farm

A world of joy awaits you and your family at a children’s farm. Usually only a short drive from the city centre, you’ll be welcomed with pony rides, jumping baby goats, bleating lambs and more often than not, Patrick the Alpaca. Such a tremendous outing wouldn’t be complete without feeding Kangaroos, and if you’re very luck you might even be able to milk a cow. Now that sounds like an adventure worth exploring.

8. Markets

For a more casual Sunday, we love to hit up the local markets. A wonderful way to introduce healthy food and cooking to little ones by letting them choose some of the ingredients. Enjoy discovering the freshest seasonal produce straight from local farmers and eat some of the yummy treats they have on offer. But consider yourself warned, it’s all exceptionally delicious and too hard to pick only one to try!

9. Picnic

Organising a picnic with some friends is a lovely outing for those little bubs. Bring along some snacks from home, how about an egg sandwich and cheese platter? Enjoy the casual conversations with those you might not catch up with enough, a perfect low-key event for those little bubs as they fall in and out of sleep. Why not bring along a book so you can sit there all afternoon, lapping up the beautiful warm weather? Bliss.


10. Backyard BBQ

Bring a fun theme to your backyard BBQ and enjoy some beautiful family time together in the comfort of your own home. What will it be for dinner tonight? Mexican tacos, Italian pizza or maybe a classic Aussie BBQ. Whatever you fancy, make it a family fiesta and dress up in fun clothing, play some games outside and devour the deliciousness of what’s cooking on the BBQ. If you’re feeling up to it, invite some friends over with a plate for all to enjoy. Yum!

Whatever you decide to do, do it with love and laughter and enjoy your family time together in the glorious sunshine.


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