One of the first lessons you learn in early parenthood is that you can never have too many changes of baby clothes. It is unbelievable how many cute outfits these tiny people get through in a day, let alone a week. Of course the silver lining is that it gives you the perfect excuse to do some more shopping for adorable baby clothes.


When it comes to your DockATot, we have you covered with our array of DockATot Spare Covers in gorgeous prints and colours. You can keep things fresh with a brand new look for your DockATot whenever you want. One on the dock. One in the wash. All of our spare covers are machine washable with baby safe zips, so they are easy to swap over and keep clean on the regular.


You can brighten up your DockATot with a new cover! With so many to choose from, here are our top 10 best sellers. 


Pristine White

White goes with everything. Our crisp white cover is perfect for the minimalist mum and dad. Always gender-neutral, always in style. 


Cloud Grey

Gender-neutral and soothingly chic, this light grey is a solid choice for every family.



Strawberry Cream

Ballet, soft blush, strawberry cream, this subtle pinkish-hue is a fresh classic


Celestial Blue

For keeping calm, this sweet French blue shade will put you on cloud nine.



Take flight and spread your wings, little one. The migration of these elegant birds is a true wildlife spectacle. 



Silver Linings

We love chevron for its playful take on stripes. The graphic zigzag pattern adds a fun and modern touch to any decor.



Lush and Fern

Escape into a fairytale world with our gorgeous Lush and Fern print! Beautiful shades of green and ivory create a luscious gender neutral print. 


Pina Colada

Our Piña Colada dock will have you dreaming of the islands.The monochrome colour scheme means it can work with any palette. Bold without being overwhelming, this pattern keeps things cool.


Lighter Shade of Pale

Think romantic, lush and lovely for the gorgeous Lighter Shade of Pale. Perfect for day dreaming. Plus the pattern frames your baby for the ultimate Instagram money shot.


Night Falls

The magic of 'Night Falls', our lush, botanical foliage pattern on an enchanting, noire background. It’s the perfect complement to a jungle-inspired nursery. ⠀


With options to suit every mood and style, we hope you can find a cover that you and your baby will love. And whether they are lounging in the garden, with you in the park or chilling out by the beach, with these prints and hues will look right at home.


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