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April 20, 2020 2 min read

What a different world we're now living in. Just weeks ago, we were scheduling playdates, visiting the library or going to the movies with your littles was second nature. Now, socially distancing ourselves from anyone other than immediate family is the new normal. In order to slow the spread of the new corona virus, we're all doing our parts as a nation and #stayinghome. It's become the cool (and right) thing to do! 



Social distancing can also create a stronger bond and closeness. Families are spending more time together as a unit than possibly ever before--and that's a silver lining for sure. However, that doesn't mean the youngest members of our tribes aren't bored and cranky--after all, spending time away from friends and straying from a normal routine is enough to make anyone feel out of sorts. We came up with some cures to beat the boredom blues. Here are 15 ideas for screen-free family fun. Don't worry if you only have enough time and energy to simply just snuggle with your little ones--that can be more special than anything.



1 - Make a fort

2 - Get outside in the fresh air

3 - Have a dance off

4 - Get baking. We love blueberry muffins

5 - Read a book and snuggle up



6 - Listen to a podcast. This Glorious Mess is perfect for both adult and little kid ears

7 - Create wrapping paper using potato stamps

8 - Ninja warrior course in the living room

9 - Graffiti the garden fence with chalk

10 - Thread pasta into jewellery



11 - Paint a rainbow to put in your front window

12 - Play games like 'Simon Says'

13 - Write a card to someone who needs a little pick me up

14 - Play dress ups

15 - Make play doh



As we know staying home isn't always more relaxing, the DockATot is there to support you.⁠ The DockATot allows mamas to get stuff done around the house while baby is being snuggled by their dock. For WFH parents, this is a life saver! It was created to mimic the womb and it soothes and comforts baby while mama is able to have her hands free.⁠



Hope you and your kidlets love these bordem busting ideas!




We See You. We Feel You. You've Got This.

Sending Love, DockATot xx


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