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Parents of newborn twins love using their DockATot Deluxe to help their little ones rest comfortably - and to give themselves a break! Holding and soothing two little babies at once is enough to make any new parent wish they had an extra set of arms. Not to mention, twins are use to sharing the close quarters of mums womb with their sibling, so will likely enjoy the snugness the DockATot provides (just like a little hug). 

Here are some of the best and safest ways parents use DockATot for twin babies. 


Play Time Made Easy

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With twin babies, it can be tough to find a playtime spot to satisy both personalities. When the DockATot is complemented by the Toy Arch accessory, it makes it easy for twins to entertain themselves side by side. You can even mix and match the dangling toys so your twins will have different playthings each time.


Multi-Tasking with DockATot

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When you bring your babies home from the hospital, DockATot offers a comfy and safe place for them to lounge. This is especially useful when one twin is feeding, you can have the other one right next to you just lounging. Thanks to the portability of DockATot, you can quickly jump to action when needed while in the comfort of the living room or your home office.


Twining Tummy Time

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It's important for babies to spend time on their tummy to build upper body strength. Stronger muscle tone will help your baby meet their milestones - roll, crawl, sit and walk. With your trusty DockATots, you can set up tummy time and instead of putting toys in front of them you could have them facing each other!


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Simplifying life for new parents, DockATot is your extra set of hands.

The multi-functional DockATot is the perfect place for your baby to lounge, play, rest, cuddle, and enjoy  tummy time. The DockATot is here for you no matter where the day takes you! Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product, parents and babies around the world love DockATot.

From parents who know:

"Life saver! No matter if we are home or out and about, we always take our DockATot with us. So easy for on the go and also easy to clean." - Alexia D

"My little girl absolutely loves her DockATot! Would 100% recommend this to anyone having a baby. Sadie has excellent naps and I do believe this is one of the reasons why." - Carmen F 

"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L



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