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March 07, 2023 3 min read

As a new parent, making memories outdoors with your new baby is a precious activity and beneficial for your own mental health too. Feeling the sun shining on your face, dipping your toes into the sea or enjoying time together at the park - it’s food for the soul!

Knowing parents want to protect their precious little ones from the elements, we have created the ultimate baby oasis with our DockATot Deluxe Cabana Kit sunshade. It's the perfect addition for those outdoor family adventures in the glorious sunshine.

Protect Your Baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit Sunshade

Protecting your Baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit 

The DockATot Cabana Kit: effortless protection, safety and comfort for your baby. We are going to talk you through this beautifully functional accessory to accompany every outing with your baby…

As mama, Rachel says, "We wouldn’t enjoy family time out on our deck so much without the DockATot and the Cabana Kit. We really love it and would buy again. Highly recommend!"


Created for the DockATot Deluxe Baby Nest

Protect Your Baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit Sunshade

The DockATot Cabana Kit is exclusively designed for the DockATot Deluxe baby lounger, making it suitable for babies aged 0-8+ months. It's the perfect place for your baby to lounge on-the-go while you get to enjoy the freedom of having two free hands! The Cabana Kit gives you the reassurance that your baby is in a safe, secure environment and won’t roll away!


Safeguard your Baby from the Sun with the Retractable Sunshade

Babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight as their skin doesn’t contain enough of the pigment, melanin. But don’t let that stop you from taking your baby outdoors! 

The DockATot Cabana Kit contains a retractable sunshade made with 50+ SPF UV protected fabric. It shields your baby from direct sunlight (and other elements), giving you the confidence to enjoy the outdoors knowing that your little one is happy and content in the shade. 


Protection from Bugs, Flies and Mosquitoes

Protect Your Baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit Sunshade

We absolutely love hidden treats, and the Cabana Kit has a nifty hideaway bug screen acting as a barrier to those pesky flies and mosquitoes. Simply zip up and slip over the bottom of the dock (like a fitted sheet) and all your bug worries will be gone. 


All Season Weather-Proofing

There’s nothing worse than coming home from the beach or the pool with a bag of dirty, wet belongings. Or setting up camp somewhere outdoors in the morning when the ground is still wet. Let’s face it, 9am is really mid-afternoon for parents of little ones! 

We designed this neat little waterproof base protector which keeps the DockATot Deluxe both clean and dry. One of our delighted customers sent us this review -

This was awesome. Kept my daughter very protected from the sun and I didn’t find a single [grain of] sand on the actual DockATot dock after taking this off!’.

So now you can feel confident on the beach, by the pool or even while having a shower knowing your dock will be kept pristine and dry. 


No Compromise on Design

Protect Your Baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit Sunshade

We know outings with your baby need to be as effortless and stress-free as possible. And this is why we’ve not compromised on the design of the Cabana Kit. It neatly folds away into a little portable pouch ready for you to sling into one of our getaway totes, the car, pram or beach bag. It really is that easy! 

And you can choose from many colorways to complement your DockATot Deluxe covers! You can see just a few of the design options below...


With this ultimate all-in-one accessory, you’re ready to conquer the outdoors with your baby. Getting outdoors with a little one can be a challenge but with our Cabana Kits, it’s a breeze, all year round!

Savor those precious moments and, unless you’re so relaxed you forget, snap away and tag us in your photos on Instagram. We love seeing our products in action!


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