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January 08, 2021 2 min read

For Summer 2021, DockATot collaborates with storied British design house Morris & Co. on an exciting new collection of beautiful essentials for the nursery, home and beyond! We are thrilled to launch five new designs in this collection in the Deluxe+ DockATot and a beautiful new design in the Grand DockATot, all to be shipped in late January.


The story behind our newest collection 

It is not often we do collaborations, which is why our new partnership with Morris & Co. is so meaningful. The historic British design house has always been admired by our founder Lisa Furuland Kotsianis. The new collection is a true passion project and is intended to inspire and spark imagination in all of our families. 

William Morris championed a principle of handmade production that didn't chime with the Victorian era's focus on industrialization, and as a brand we also put emphasis on quality and artisanal production close to home. We never want to create single-use or short-lived mass-produced items. His philosophy that anything brought into the home must be both useful and beautiful is very much the philosophy we also follow at DockATot. Not to mention, the elegant nature-inspired works of William Morris lend themselves incredibly well to a family-friendly home.


Brer Rabbit

The charming Brer Rabbit design from 1882 was named after a children’s book which was popular at the time. Ideal for creating rooms with a calm atmosphere with its soft sea pink colourway, the pattern depicts large scrolling leaves and symmetrical oak trees alongside stylized rabbits and garden birds. 

Strawberry Thief

Dating back to 1883, Strawberry Thief is one of Morris & Co.’s most renowned designs. Cheeky birds peck at delicious strawberries in this iconic pattern, said to be inspired by the thrushes Morris found stealing fruit from his kitchen garden. 

Willow Boughs

Entwining stems and delicate willow leaves combine in this timeless Morris design from 1887, bringing a gentle sophistication to any interior, characterising Morris’ pre-eminent flair for design and composition with sinuous lines and subtle tone.


A brilliant statement piece, Blackthorn was designed in 1892. This intricate design encompassing delicate daisies and swirling leaves, is hugely popular with its dark background and popping colours.

Pink & Rose

Curvaceous and entwined, Pink & Rose features intertwining roses and meandering flowering carnations. Designed by William Morris in 1890, this delicate interpretation recreates the subtle effects of the inks used in the original.

Shop the Collection for delivery end of January

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