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June 29, 2020 2 min read

A labour of love

Behind each DockATot Baby Lounger is a thoughtful manufacturing process that entails rigorous testing, careful hand-sewing, smart Swedish design and lots of care.

Each DockATot is finely crafted and created with every attention to detail throughout. DockATot portable baby nests are a true labour of love from start to finish.



Inspired to create

DockATot founder, Lisa Furuland, has gone above and beyond with sourcing the fabrics and materials for each DockATot. Selected from only the top suppliers around the world, all fabrics are non-toxic - free from harmful substances. She knows it's of utmost importance to feel absolutely confident in the fabric and make-up of a baby lounger.

All materials have been chosen to create the perfect micro-climate: which is to say that each baby will experience an ideal temperature while in the DockATot. 

Says Lisa Furuland: ‘the wellbeing, security and happiness of our babies are the objectives and inspiration of my creation.’



Dedicated craftsmanship

The factory where the pods are made is based in a picturesque European town. There are more than 30 workers devoted to making the DockATot. These talented workers pride themselves on their craftsmanship; carefully and expertly hand cutting, hand-stitching and hand-sewing each DockATot.



Attention to detail

Small details, such as the strong zips and delicately plush zip pulls, were exhaustively researched and chosen for both style, functionality and safety.

Every single material and detail (fabrics, fillings, zips, straps, threads and buckles) are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified , meaning they have been proven to be free of any harmful substances, including heavy metals and phthalates. Something sure to put anxious minds at ease.



Outstanding textiles

Our fabrics, which are all 100% cotton, have been woven and printed in Portugal, where some of Europe's oldest and most respected textile manufacturers reside. All production is governed by strict EU laws, which means that the conditions for the workers are top priority. We care deeply about our DockATot products, and we care deeply about those that craft them.




Investing in a DockATot Baby Nest

The sheer luxury and design that goes into every DockATot is what sets ours apart from other baby loungers. Our top reviews and global recognition reflect confidence in the DockATot brand. DockATot is truly the smartest and most luxurious baby gear on the market today.

Consider your DockATot Deluxe+ or Grand the best investment you'll make for your little one. Many parents describe the DockATot as the baby product they never know they needed. Say hello to your extra set of hands and join thousands of DockATot loving parents. Explore our range of award-winning products here.




Our Neutrals range

Why not have a look at one of our newest range of DockATot designs? We’ve introduced a soothingly chic hue, Cloud Grey, a calming French shade, ‘Celestial Blue’ and a soft blush pink, ‘Strawberry Cream’ to our collection. Designed for parents who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.

Perfect as a gift, perfect for your nursery, and perfect as a must-have baby accessory for anywhere in your house.


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