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June 07, 2019 3 min read

We wanted to take this time to ensure you our attention to baby safety is at the core of everything we do at DockATot. The great lengths we've taken to ensure comfort and safety are unparalleled. Every material and detail is carefully micro-managed to ensure the highest quality of breathability, non-toxicity, comfort and convenience. Here, some of the key safety measures we've taken when creating the DockATot baby lounger and infant co-sleeper.

DockATot baby loungers / infant co-sleepers are designed so that the baby's face (mouth and nose) sits comparatively high in relation to the sides of the product. The sides are low and also rounded. A baby correctly positioned in the dock, i.e. on his back, is breathing into “open air” so to speak. The design is made with consideration to not trap used air (breath; carbon dioxide).

Unlike other baby bassinets or moses baskets, the dock's interior has been carefully engineered in order to achieve maximum breathability. All our baby loungers comply with the British standard on air-permeability for infant pillows, BS4578 – a test most companies in the U.S. don't even perform. Air-permeability standards were established only for infant pillows, but we decided to meet these standards for our docks.

At DockATot™, we are always doing our best to go above and beyond the call of duty with regards to the highest quality standards.

OEKO-TEX Standard Certified Materials
Every single part of the DockATot (fabrics, fibers, zippers, sliders, pull tabs, straps, buckles) are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified. This means they have been rigorously tested and proven free from harmful or toxic substances.

Compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
The CPSIA enforces strict testing on children's products. DockATot has been tested for all of the below–and passed with flying colors!

  • CPSIA Section 101(f) – Lead in paint/similar surface coating material
  • CPSIA Section 101(a)(2) – Lead in accessible substrate material
  • Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, ASTM F963-11 Clause 4.3.5
  • Total lead content in surface coating material
  • Soluble heavy metals in surface coating material
  • Total lead in substrate material
  • Soluble heavy metals in substrate material
  • CPSIA Section 108 – Phthalate Content
  • Use and Abuse Mechanical Hazards – 16 CFR 1500.50

Heat Resistant Design
All materials used in the DockATot were chosen because they do not harbour heat. We have made sure not to use any waterproof layers within the dock. This is all to ensure that the micro-climate is the best possible. When dressed correctly – according to the overall room (surrounding) climate – a child will not be too warm in the DockATot, as air flows through the dock and it does not harbor heat.

DockATot has received the following additional certifications in the U.S. and E.U.:

  • All components are Intertek-tested and proven free from harmful substances
  • 16 CRF 1632 flammability test compliant
  • Free from phthalates
  • Free from heavy metals
  • 16 CFR 1500.50 small parts and use & abuse test compliant
  • ASTM F-963-11 compliant
  • California Bulletins 116 and 117 flammability test compliant
  • California Proposition 65 compliant
  • Resistant to ignition according to BS5852 (UK)
  • Both mattress pad and bumper have great air-permeability and comply with BS4578

We have worked tirelessly to create the best baby lounger that we would – and in fact, do use on our own children.

We hope your family feels safe and smart about using DockATot, too.



Simplifying life for new parents, DockATot is your extra set of hands.

The multi-functional DockATot is the perfect place for your baby to lounge, play, rest, cuddle, and enjoy  tummy time. The DockATot is here for you no matter where the day takes you! Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product, parents and babies around the world love DockATot.

From parents who know:

"Life saver! No matter if we are home or out and about, we always take our DockATot with us. So easy for on the go and also easy to clean." - Alexia D

"My little girl absolutely loves her DockATot! Would 100% recommend this to anyone having a baby. Sadie has excellent naps and I do believe this is one of the reasons why." - Carmen F 

"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L

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