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August 25, 2023 3 min read

Dads are heroes, storytellers, coaches and sidekicks. They bring out the adventurous and curious sides in our children and are there to catch them when they fall.

Use this Father's Day to spend time together as a family by having some low key fun at home or in your community. 

The best present, after-all, is our presence!

Activities to Celebrate Dad this Father's Day

1. Picnic in the Park

What’s better than a beautiful family picnic? As the weather starts to warm up it's the perfect way to spend some quality time together as a family. Pack up some delicious snacks and sandwiches and head to your local park, find a shady spot under a tree, and enjoy a relaxing bite to eat with dad. 


2. Hit a Walking Trail

If hiking is something you enjoy as a family, then head into the great outdoors for some fresh air on a trail.

There’s nothing like a nice walk as a family, breathing in fresh air, enjoying some sunshine, and exploring some new territory. If your little ones are old enough, take the opportunity to point out different kinds of birds, flowers, and trees - nature is a beautiful gift!

Activities to Celebrate Dad this Father's Day
3. Have a Movie Night In

Bring the fun of a theater trip to your home by creating a ‘movie theater’ inspired night at home. Make it cozy by laying out blankets and pillows and select a movie the whole family will love. Hand out individual popcorn servings and drinks. You can even add an element of imagination by creating a make believe ticket booth and concession stand!


4. Plant Something

Have fun in your backyard and plant the seed to the future of loving gardening. Whether it’s a small garden, a planter of herbs, or a tree, use the opportunity to bond over nature and teach little ones about how seeds turn into plants, and enjoy watching your plant blossom over time.

An idea for windowsill gardening is planting cress seeds in egg shells. You can also draw on faces so when the cress grows it looks like hair!

Activities to Celebrate Dad this Father's Day

5. Set Up an Obstacle Course

Have some fun in the backyard by creating an obstacle course and putting the whole family to the test! Find some items around the house to create different elements of the course, like the garden hose, kiddie pool, baseball bases, plastic cups as cones, etc - use your imagination and get the kids involved!

6. Make Something Together

Find an easy project you can work on as a family. Make a bird feeder. Fill a photo album and decorate the cover. Bake some bread. Use some rocks, twigs, and twine to make a rustic photo frame. Use your imagination and have fun!

Activities to Celebrate Dad this Father's Day

7. Read Together

Find out what dad’s favourite books were when he was a kid, get cozy on the couch and have story time. The kids will love knowing that they are hearing stories that dad loved at their age, and what a special memory for dad to cherish.


8. Sleep In and Snuggle! 

Sure, this one might be easier said than done, but maybe all dad needs is to do nothing all day! Make it a point to just be lazy, enjoy time laying in bed, snuggling with baby and just relaxing!

Activities to Celebrate Dad this Father's Day

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a beautiful day celebrating Dad!

Love, DockATot xx 


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