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January 17, 2023 1 min read

We’re passionate about designing beautiful, safe solutions to make parenting that little bit easier for you. And that includes parenting at the beach!

We’ve designed a beautiful range of DockATot Accessories to make parenting on-the-go a breeze.


1 - Deluxe+ DockATot Baby Nest

Whether it's a day trip to grandma's or a longer overseas adventure, DockATot is your perfect lightweight on-the-go lounger providing your baby the comfort they need with the constant familiarity wherever your family roams.

5 Beach Essentials For Baby (And Mum) - DockATot

2 - Cabana Kit Sunshade

Our must-have summer accessory to shield your little one from the suns rays, complete with a 50+ SPF UV sunshade, waterproof base protector and a hideaway bug screen.

5 Beach Essentials For Baby (And Parents) - DockATot

3 - Clutch Changer

This essential accessory is an all-in-one portable changing station for your moments on-the-go when travelling. It is complete with ample pockets and pouches to hold all your nappy changing necessities.

Baby Beach Essentials

4 - Waterproof Base Protector

A simple solution for keeping your DockATot clean and free from dirt. Simply, pop on your Base Protector and know that the bottom of your dock is protected from the sand and sea!

5 Must-Have Baby Beach Essentials

5 - Getaway Tote

Protect your DockATot while travelling with our weather resistant Travel Totes. Available in both Deluxe and Grand sizes!

The Baby Beach Essentials You Need for the Perfect Day

We hope you love beautiful beach days with your baby!

Love, DockATot xx

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