DockATot Grand Dock

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La Vie en Rose

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DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose

Of all the stuff I’ve bought or received since I had a baby—a crib, a bassinet, a mobile, a stroller, multiple carriers, a bouncer—the thing I’ve used the absolute most is the DockATot.

- NY mag
DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose
Eases Crib to Bed Transition

The DockATot Grand can help a child get comfortable with a new toddler or big-kid bed when they are ready. The sides give little ones a snug sense of security in their new, bigger beds, and still allows them to exit and enter the bed.

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose
Reduces Nighttime Wakings / Disruptions for Parents

Using the Grand with toddlers could reduce the number of nighttime wakings. “Until we got the DockATot Grand my 3 year old was waking a number of times throughout the night. The cozy feeling of the Dock has given him a safe place to sleep AND STAY ASLEEP!” - ThatMamaG

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose

DockATot is made in the EU with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that do not harbor heat. This ensures that the micro-climate (space directly affecting their surroundings) is the best possible for babies and tots.

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose
Offer In-Bed Comfort with Rounded Sides

The sides on the Grand may allow young kids to settle more easily in a bigger bed and make for an easier crib to bed transition. The Grand, when used correctly, may reduce the risk of a child falling out of bed.

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose
Portability / Multi-Functional

Whether they’re hanging out, watching TV, playing with their toys, or just want to be close to you while you work, toddlers will be happy relaxing in their own personal little space created by the Grand dock. The compact design allows for easy portability around the house.

DockATot Grand Dock - La Vie en Rose
Travel Friendly

Bring the comfort of your child’s bed with you on the road. The DockATot is lightweight and simple to travel with when used with its own Grand Transport Bag. The Grand will help your little one feel at home wherever they are by providing a familiar place amongst the newness of traveling.


Easy Monthly Payments

Cuddle Now, Pay Later

Why wait for comfort? Purchase the DockATot today and enjoy low monthly payments financed through AfterPay.

Flexible Payments

Pay your montly bill using a bank transfer, check, or debit card on AfterPay

Quality craftsmanship

We take safety and quality very seriously. That’s why all of our products are expertly crafted, with the finest materials, under the highest standards.

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