Top Baby Lounger Safe Use Guidelines

DockATot was created by designer Lisa Furuland for her two sons. As a mum, baby safety is her top priority. As a DockATot distributor and mum of four, I’m here to share the DockATot love and promote safe baby lounger use in Australia and New Zealand.⁠

Here are our top baby lounger safety guidelines...

Use the DockATot Unenclosed⁠

Padded products including all baby loungers should never be placed inside a cot, bassinet, Moses basket or similar.


Supervised Use⁠

Baby Loungers are to be used only when you are in the same room as your baby, no matter whether baby is napping, lounging or playing.⁠


⁠No Loose Blankets⁠

If your baby needs some extra warmth when in their baby lounger, wrap your baby in a fitted swaddle. Loose blankets should not be placed either on top or underneath a baby as this poses as a suffocation risk.⁠


Safe Baby Positioning⁠

Babies should only be placed on their back when sleeping, with their feet touching the bottom of the baby lounger. Baby Loungers are excellent for tummy time when babies are awake and alert.⁠


Right Size for the Right Age⁠

Placing babies that are too young in the Grand/Toddler size lounger loses the ‘soothing magic’ since they are too small to feel snuggled and therefore are not as comforted. Babies can graduate to the Grand/Toddler size when they have developed enough upper body strength to roll over and back again, usually around 9 mths old.⁠


Use the DockATot Fully Assembled

Don’t use the parts individually. The DockTot is only to be used when fully assembled with the mattress and tube inside the cover.




Please Read Before Purchasing or Using