You asked, we answered! One of the most frequent questions we get at DockATot is what's the difference between the Grand and the Deluxe DockATot. Choosing the right sized DockATot for your child is extremely important. Many of you ask why you can't just buy the Grand right away. It's a good question. Understanding the sizes and their benefits for each age group is critical to the success you'll have with DockATot.



Sizing up to the Grand before your child is nine months old presents a few issues. The most crucial reasons to start with the Deluxe sized DockATot for 0-9 month old babies are:

  • Tummy Time: At this stage in your baby's life, tummy time is very important for their development. Regular tummy time on a daily basis helps baby exercise and strengthen his back and neck muscles. The Deluxe size has a denser bumper which facilitates tummy time. The Grand bumpers--while still just as safe and breathable--do not make for a good tummy time aid.
  • Co-Sleeping: The Grand DockATot takes up a lot of real estate. It's made to last for kids 9 months through three years and up. Our Grand is to be used for kids who are old enough to start sleeping on their own in the toddler bed. Let's put it this way, unless mum and dad are ready to sleep on the edge of their bed, the Grand is just too big for comfortable co-sleeping.
  • Mimicking the Womb: One of our trademarks and one of the reasons the Deluxe DockATot works so well in getting babies to sleep longer and stronger is the way it snuggles them and creates a cozy environment. If you use the Grand size on a baby who's not yet 9 months old, that snuggly effect will be lost and it may not have those magical sleeping powers parents love so much.



When thinking about the Grand versus the Deluxe size, focus on the width and not the length. The Deluxe is 45.5cm wide, which is typically wide enough to accommodate babies that are even in the most upper percentile. The length of the Deluxe size is fully adjustable, thanks to the clip at the foot end. Also, keep in mind that babies do not rest with their legs straight, but always somewhat curled. Not to mention, babies love the sense of being surrounded and enjoy resting their legs or feet on top of the bumper.


DockATot Grand and deluxe


We totally understand the temptation to purchase a Grand from the start, but in the end it's not worth it. In fact, many parents use the Deluxe past the nine month mark. The buckle at the end of the Deluxe can be unbuckled to make room for your growing baby. The Grand is used by older children that can enter and exit the Dock on his own, and as such does not have a clip. 



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