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February 11, 2022 3 min read

There are many benefits for Mums to get back into exercise post the birth of their baby. It helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, boost energy levels, promotes better sleep, relieve stress and gives dedicated moments to focus on mental and physical health.

If you’re reading this and you’re a new mama, congratulations on the arrival of your little one. We’ve put together some tips and trips to help you ease back into exercise with your baby wanting to be close by.

I should mention, before you start exercising, you’ll need to get the okay from your health professional at your 6-week postnatal check-up.


  1. Exercise with your DockATot

We all know how much baby wants to be close to Mum, especially while they are little. For you to enjoy some exercise, we’d suggest using your DockATot as an exercise prop. Just set it up next to you, perhaps with the Toy Arch Set attached, and enjoy your work out while keeping baby close.


  1. Baby-wearing while exercising

If you’re feeling like a bit of a challenge, then try babywearing while exercising. The added weight of the baby is the perfect way of adding more of a challenge to your Pilates or yoga flow. I’m sure your little one would also love to do squats with you while in a baby carrier.


  1. Ask your partner to watch the baby for 30 mins while you enjoy some me-time

Meditation or having a quiet moment can be difficult to do with a baby in your arms. All Mamas need a moment or two of ‘me time’, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. While your partner is watching baby, it’s the perfect time to put on some guided meditation or practice a yoga flow.


  1. Put your baby in a pram and go for a gentle walk around your neighbourhood

It’s so important to do some gentle exercise and get some fresh air with your newborn, so why not combine them, and take baby for a stroll around your neighbourhood? Most likely baby will fall asleep while being pushed and you’ll be able to enjoy the gentle movements and ambiance around you.


  1. Enjoy a Mums and Bubs class

Mim Maree Photography 

A great way to meet some local Mums with babies close to the age of your baby while getting some exercise in. Most of these classes you’ll be able to bring along your DockATot for bub to lie in or you’ll be able to babywear.


We hope these ideas provide some options that you and your baby love to allow you to enjoy some postpartum exercise. You’ll also be imparting the importance and joy of exercising on your baby as they watch you (and join in in you’re wearing them).




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