There are three reasons why you need a DockATot and you’ll thank me later.


If you asked me nine months ago if I had ever heard of a DockATot, I would tell you, “No” and then later hug you for introducing me to one of most amazing inventions for babies. Nichole, I owe you a hug.

I was a sleep deprived Mum at her wits end, willing and able to try anything. Boy am I glad I did because the DockATot truly worked wonders with our girl. I don’t know if its the fact that it promotes a cozy, safe, snug environment for Ailey to sleep in or that it was just a new spot aside from her cot to nap, but we are huge fans. If you’re on the fence about buying one, maybe one of these reasons will sway you.




Ailey doesn’t just nap anywhere – she prefers her crib, the car seat, and now the DockATot. If she happens to fall asleep in my arms, I like being able to set her down in her DockATot next to me in the kitchen while I’m blogging or in the bathroom while I shower.



Who doesn’t want to hang out in a comfy dock outside? Whenever we are playing in the backyard or even out on a picnic, we bring the DockATot for Ailey to sit in. It keeps her away from any ants trying to crawl up her legs or the grass she likes to pick to eat. She lounges in her DockAtot at home too in, watching her sister run circles around her. I think she feels safe, and pretty special since her big sister is always trying to lay on the comfy raised sides too.



We are huge fans of co-sleeping when we are travelling or the girls are sick – but it’s scary to put a baby between two adults. The DockATot provides a barrier between us and Ailey.



For now, we own the DockATot Deluxe. Ailey fits perfectly inside of the Deluxe, but we know she is growing quickly and it will be time to pass it on to her new baby cousin Sloane (due in August). We will transition her into the DockATot Grand, which is perfect for toddler bed transitions later down the road. We struggled with Annabelle’s transition to the toddler bed, so here’s to hoping we will avoid that process again.


I highly recommend the DockATot to all mums.


Love, Caitlin


Review by Caitlin Houston


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