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July 14, 2020 3 min read

Let’s be real. Before you get pregnant, really before you bring a baby home, you have all these plans… am I right? I know we had a full list of we will nevers… eight weeks later, we totally did.

She WILL sleep in her cot.

Magnolia came home from the hospital a teeny tiny little booger. Her Owlet monitor didn’t fit her and this paranoid mama said no way is she going in that cot without a monitor. The first night we took shifts sleeping with her in our rocker. The next day we bought a rock n play from Target and there she was…in our room.

She WILL NOT sleep in our bed.

Once we figured out she had a touch of colic, her doctor suggested she sleep flat. Luckily she already napped flat in her DockAtot so we just let her sleep at night in it as well. Problem is, that calls for co-sleeping. So there she was…in our bed. I should add that she has now been in her cot for a week and I haven’t slept this good since she showed up!!

She WILL be breastfed.

My gameplan was to exclusively breastfeed (although if we’re being honest I was totes against it like 5 years ago). She was small and an immature nurser. She latched great, but couldn’t handle my forceful letdown so she would just scream and call it quits. She had to gain weight and quick so we had to start supplementing formula. I won’t lie, I was pretty devastated. A few friends rallied around us and reminded me that as long as Magnolia was growing like she should who actually cares how she gets it. They were right. So now, eight weeks in, she’s still breastfeeding, but you’ll sometimes see her with a bottle too.

..and that’s okay.

She WILL NOT keep me from working.

Okay, I love my job. I mean come on! The Lord lets me make things for a living and share His word at the same time. How great is that gig!? I always said I wanted to continue working and had no desire to be a stay at homer… I just restructured my entire business so I could stay home with her…WHAT! We go to work every now and again, but I wrapped up our plans for black Friday and let our girls handle it.

She WILL NOT stop us from travelling.

Travelling this baby is the only one we’ve stuck to our guns on and I am so so glad. We love to get out, the Lord designed this amazing planet and I want to see as much of it as possible. I want magnolia to see it all as well. She took her first flight at six weeks and was a champ. I know everyone said it’ll get harder when she’s a bit older, but for now…she WILL NOT stop us from travelling.

These were our big ones. Please don’t read them aggressively, they were never demands just things we felt so strongly about. And if your list was opposite from ours – do your thing, it’s your baby. No mum shaming over here… Now that i got that off my chest, we’re funny creatures with our plans don’t you think? But i sort of love being reminded that our plans are silly compared to the Lords. But boy am I glad His plans gave me what I need to mama this sweet girl… so no matter the plans you make and break, know that you can do this because He’s worked it out for you already. But just for fun we’d love to hear some of your nevers in the comments.

Guest post by Nichole Riley, blogger mama of Follow her on Instagram at @_nicholeriley
Originally published here.

Photos courtesy of Nichole Riley.

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