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Wherever your summer travel plans take you, don't forget to pack your DockATot. While holidays are such an essential component to family bonding, it can be hard travelling with little ones who crave familiarity in order to be comfortable. And when a baby is not comfy, they don't sleep. We all know that family holidays can quickly go sour if the smallest family member isn't getting their sleep, because that means the grownups aren't sleeping either!

From beach holidays to city jaunts and even houseboat living, we've heard from so many mamas that their DockATot was an essential on holiday. "The DockATot was an absolute life saver on this trip!" says @ss_rogers. "Rhett was taking 1.5-2 hour naps three times a day. We rented the houseboat and it was so much fun! A perfect, easy holiday with Rhett. And seriously, DockATot is like a miracle sleep solution rained down from Heaven!"

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Why DockATot is Perfect for Summer Travel
DockATot goes to the pool, beach, theme park, zoo, airport, and hotel. The DockATot creates a consistent sleep space so babies can nap anywhere they go. The DockATot doesn't harbor heat and creates an ideal microclimate for babies. It’s also more hygienic for baby than hotel beds or cribs when napping or co sleeping.

At the airport: DockATot has a handle for easily toting it through the airport, but can also be taken onboard, packed in a bag, or checked with the luggage. Once on the plane, the DockATot makes the perfect seat mate for your little one.

At the pool or beach: Baby can rest safely under an umbrella at the beach or pool so you don’t need to bring baby back up to the hotel room for the mid-day nap. It’s a safe place for your baby and it keeps the sand out! DockATot is also the perfect size to fit under a pop-up tent at the beach. When toting from the hotel and to the beach, DockATot neatly goes back in its zipper case to keep it clean.

At the hotel or grandma’s house: DockATot is a safe and snug spot for baby to sleep at the hotel or grandma’s house. It’s familiar, comfortable, and safer than most alternative spots to sleep.

Shop DockATot now to ensure your family holiday is a total success!


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